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Recent content by Johnny Three-hats

  1. Johnny Three-hats

    PC Gaming

    I finally got Fallout New Vegas working with the full Fear and Loathing in New Vegas mod setup. I'm simultaneously proud of myself, and questioning my life choices.
  2. Johnny Three-hats

    News Guardians of the Galaxy attraction confirmed for Epcot

    I, for one, am perfectly happy to see space redneck dad Poppins be represented over Drax. I'll go sit in my corner.
  3. Johnny Three-hats

    Extinct Attractions: Sad reality

    Huh, I wasn't aware of that ridethrough existing or the clearer on-ride footage. Cool, thank you. Side note, does anyone know if this attraction was considered "scary"? Because the audio and even the minimal visuals trigger some very primal fear in me, like a bad fever dream.
  4. Johnny Three-hats

    Extinct Attractions: Sad reality

    Thank you, but like I said in my post, Martin's videos are excellent and I love them, but it's not the same as being there and seeing the attractions physically. That's really what I'm trying to get at. To say nothing of attractions with not even any video of them like Adventure Thru Inner Space.
  5. Johnny Three-hats

    Extinct Attractions: Sad reality

    This is something I've spent more time than I care to admit contemplating. Lost media is a particular interest of mine, and I consider extinct attractions to be an ultimate form of that. Once something is gone, torn out of its place, it's just gone, most likely forever. Even if it's restored or...
  6. Johnny Three-hats

    Are the feelings for the Yeti unreasonable?

    I can't not think of this when I hear this quote, so you're gonna think of it too now.
  7. Johnny Three-hats

    News Spitting camel at Carpets of Aladdin has been removed

    Now, if they'd just remove the rest of the ride.
  8. Johnny Three-hats

    2018-Gaming discussion

    My body is not Reggie for this. I'm sorry, I had to, legit though, that's sad, but he's had a good run while he's been with Nintendo of America.
  9. Johnny Three-hats

    Make A HM styled epitaph for the poster above you!

    Here lies the 999th Happy Haunt It was a lion that he did taunt
  10. Johnny Three-hats

    2018-Gaming discussion

    High five, my dude. Mario Sunshine is my favorite Mario to date, even with its quirks. And, while I favor Sonic Adventure 2 personally, Sonic Adventure is and always shall be a favorite of mine as well. Something about the way all these games control, a particular mood, and, of course, a healthy...
  11. Johnny Three-hats

    2018-Gaming discussion

    I can throw a wrench in that "everyone". I don't like the 2D Sonic games very much at all, for as many times as I've tried to enjoy them, but the Adventure games are some of my all time favorites, and I wish Sonic Team would stop cramming all this 2D into the modern games. Along with a laundry...
  12. Johnny Three-hats

    The Gaming Industry: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    I keep meaning to finish Witcher 2 so I can finally go on to Witcher 3. But then I get stuck playing Jurassic World Evolution, and then I just want to play Witcher 1 again.
  13. Johnny Three-hats

    News Escape of the White Rhino

    Even a tiger probably wouldn't want to mess with a rhino in normal circumstances. It could get trampled and crushed or otherwise severely injured too, even if it's more resilient than a cheetah. Big cats are pick on your own size type animals, and I can imagine even having to be around rhinos or...
  14. Johnny Three-hats

    2018-Gaming discussion

    Keep eroding that goodwill you had at one point, Blizzard, that will absolutely get you where you're going, I'm sure.
  15. Johnny Three-hats

    This is why SeaWorld must continue breeding killer whales

    Yes, that's entirely correct, and SeaWorld and Busch Gardens have contributed to these Species Survival Plans and other such programs. I commend any zoo or aquarium effectively conserving these species that genuinely do need protection and help. I never said anything about those genuinely...
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