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  1. J

    The Spirited Back Nine ...

    Haven't had the Mac n Cheese truck yet but the Taco Truck is great.
  2. J

    EPCOT Entertainment cuts

    This is one of our favorite parts of our trip. ALWAYS grab a pint in Rose and Crown before seeing one or both of these shows. We tend to do this at least 2-3 nights of our trip. Hope these replacements are decent enough to keep us in the park. Maybe it's time to take the rental car off...
  3. J

    The Spirited 8th Wonder (WDW's Future & You!)

    Definitely go to Disneyland. Used our points there last year and that is one place that I am really looking forward to visiting again. My home resort is Hilton Head but we haven't been there in a while. Another very nice vacation spot.
  4. J

    The Spirited 8th Wonder (WDW's Future & You!)

    I'm with you on this one. After my trip last year I rented out my points this year and will likely do the same next year. If I do go next year it will likely be a quick trip for 1 day of Star Wars Weekend and a visit to Diagon Alley. I am not quite ready to sell yet but probably not all that...
  5. J

    Le Cellier vs Yachtsman's

    Well said...
  6. J

    Sweetpee_1993 is taking her first trip to Walt's park

    Love Trader Sams! We were there each night of our stay after the parks. Get the drink that comes in the skull glass. Awesomely tasty and packed a punch.
  7. J

    Has anyone ever worked at WDW?

    Stopped working there almost 19 years ago and I still find myself occasionally humming EPCOT's Future World background music.
  8. J

    Planning DL trip in October...so many Questions!

    We were at Disneyland in October this past year. Crowds were bad on Sunday but the park was open until Midnight so we just went with it and had a great time. Monday was a bit lighter and by Tuesday everything was down to a 10-15 minute wait. I would say that crowds aren't really an issue...
  9. J

    Rapid Fill Mug Program Fails (at more ways than you might think)

    Just wanted to add that when I was a cast member at Epcot, the BIB syrup was at no cost to us and that I did actually view the invoices. We paid for the 20oz bottles (highly discounted) but the syrup was free. Of course this could have changed since then (mid 90's).
  10. J

    Bad news from our friends at MiceAge...

    This describes us pretty well. 2 trips ago it was 1 day at Universal. Last trip it was 2 days. I'm thinking it could be 3 days next trip once the Potter expansion opens. I'm even considering a couple of nights at a Universal resort and I am a DVC member. Keep hearing how great the resorts...
  11. J

    MiceAge on the latest news regarding MyMagic+ : Read it and weep.

    Just finished reading this and now I'm depressed. Had a wonderful time on our trip to Disneyland in October and was planning a trip out to see some of the 60th. Guess there might not be many new things to see. Thanks alot MyMagic-...
  12. J

    What is most likely to be built between 7DMT and Avatar?

    Agreed. We really enjoyed our time in Fantasyland at Disneyland. At WDW I can't wait to get out of there and actively try to avoid even walking through. If it wasn't for my 4 yr old niece, I would probably never set foot in Fantasyland.
  13. J

    The Official "Explore Southern California!" Thread

    We stayed at the Loews Hollywood and it was great. Perfect location for our Hollywood/LA plans before heading to Disneyland.
  14. J

    Am I the only who ignores Universal?

    I know last trip we peeled off 2 Disney days for Universal and our next trip very well could include a 3rd. Still waiting for Disney to show me a good reason to come back while at Universal they are popping up a couple times per year.
  15. J

    The Official "Explore Southern California!" Thread

    All good now. Thanks!
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