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    Opening night of this year's Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party now sold out

    So the regular attractions lines aren't bad, even if the party is sold out?
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    Opening night of this year's Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party now sold out

    How bad is it?? I bought tickets for this night thinking we could have the park in relative low crowds. Is it worse than a usual night at the park? Do they oversell it??
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    France Meet & Greet Construction

    Does anyone know how the progress of this is coming, or have photos? Not that I'm interested in meeting characters, but I'm taking my fiancé to WDW (her first time ever) in early November and our first stop of the trip is France for dinner via International Gateway, and I was hoping there...
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    Disney Parks misconceptions

    Whatever, just fix Epcot back to what it should be. Do what you want with the rest of the money.
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    Crazy Comments: Perceptions of Disney from a non-Disney Person

    I think the marketing actually does create most of the bad perceptions. All the public ever sees is Cinderella Castle, Dumbo and the Teacups. I was always confused why Disney never showcased all the amazing things they have on property, or even the amazing cultural experiences at Epcot. Even my...
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    Crazy Comments: Perceptions of Disney from a non-Disney Person

    I am in my late twenties, and to be honest I kind of like things the way that they are. When I go to WDW, it's an escape from the stupidity of my peers on a typical "adult" vacation — pretentious clubs, random hook-ups and sloppy drunkenness. I agree that Disney should do a much better job...
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    Hyperion Wharf: any news?

    I didn't think the plans looked that spectacular anyway. Maybe they are working on a better idea.
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    Disney Night Life

    You could try Atlantic Dance on the Boardwalk, but every time I peek inside it looks pretty dead. I always visit in the off-season though, so that could account for the lack of people. There is also a nightclub in Coronado Springs called Rix. I have never been there myself, but some people...
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    Places for young people to go out?

    Kimono's at the Swan is actually a great place to go at night. It's not very big, but it's a classy atmosphere and usually fairly crowded. They also serve food and have karaoke which is always fun. One night it was after 10 and my group was looking for a place to eat on Boardwalk. The ONLY...
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    The iPad at Disney World

    I guess it depends on the situation. When I was living in the area, I would visit the parks alone almost daily and read books, check emails, etc., just while soaking up the environment. If I was on a vacation with others, and going on rides and such, I'd hate to worry about...
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    Just because somebody is involved in Marvel doesn't mean their goal would be to shove superheros down our throats throughout the parks. I love Marvel characters, but I also recognize the integrity of Disney parks and would be very careful on how I mixed the two, if at all. Creative people...
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    How much is there to enjoy in the WS pavilions???

    Yes it's always great just sitting in the pavilions and enjoying a drink, it's very relaxing and gives you a chance to soak things in. You could also try sampling the exotic snacks in Japan's market (which can be very risky), or take your time and capture some nice photography.
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    Castle Redo's

    This may be a crazy question, but with other Disney parks around the world getting amazing castles (particularly the new one in Shanghai), do you think they would ever redo the ones in WDW and DL? I can't imagine those parks being castle-less while new ones are constructed, but I think it will...
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    Why is everyone hating on Lou Mongello? That guy lives the dream, and sue him for not being negative. Also I agree that WDW is the flagship property and should receive more attention (esp Epcot and AK), but we are still getting a huge expansion and that will get me by for now. Epcot better...
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