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Recent content by jeffnheather

  1. jeffnheather

    DCL Picture Of The Day

  2. jeffnheather

    DCL Picture Of The Day

    This makes me want to take this photo on our next cruise, but have us on it and someone else take the photo! It would take a little coordinating, but seems very do-able!
  3. jeffnheather

    Weird cake of the day question

    I asked our room-service service and our Mousekeeper at the end of our trip in November and neither of them knew.
  4. jeffnheather

    DCL Picture Of The Day

    Castaway Cay
  5. jeffnheather

    Castaway Cay Activites

    We prepaid for the bike/tube/snorkel package but only used the bikes. As others have said, there were TONS of bikes available, so there isn't a concern about them running out of those. I am just an over-planner, so I didn't want to have to worry about taking care of anything extra on the...
  6. jeffnheather

    1st Cruise, getting to Port Canaveral?

    To piggy-back on the trip insurance topic...I ALSO agree that it is worth the money. ESPECIALLY since you are going in September which can mean the potential for hurricanes, etc., and I believe the DCL trip insurance covers that.
  7. jeffnheather

    Barcelona. 11 a.m. flight.

    And I wondered the same thing about that rule...especially when there are so many cool murals to see down there! (Which, in my defense, is what I was distracted by and why I didn't see the large 'no pictures' visual sign right in front of me... ;) )
  8. jeffnheather

    DCL Food Picture of the Day

    The only room service item I remembered to take a photo of! We also got the 'All Hands on Deck' cheese & fruit platter right after we got to our room on Embarkation Day and a grilled cheese sandwich with chips another day. I didn't learn about the 'Cake of the Day' until after we returned from...
  9. jeffnheather

    Barcelona. 11 a.m. flight.

    Haunted Pirate, you immediately made me feel better! We did the same thing. :)
  10. jeffnheather

    Barcelona. 11 a.m. flight.

    Doh! I totally skipped over the whole 'Barcelona' thing! I can see how that is a bit different than MCO...lol
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