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    Disney MGM Name Change Confirmed!! Disney's Hollywood Studios

    believe what you want, But as of tonight you can see it and read about it on the official news networks as it was released today at 1:00 pm
  2. J

    Tales from the 3rd Clam-mobile (Nemo ride report)

    Journey into Imagination (Original or current) was never an Omnimover as it was not a continuous chain, but rather a four car train, that the cars rotated to face the preshow then back again. That was not changed for any of the versions. World of Motion only rotated slightly at load an unload...
  3. J

    The Living Seas wall is DOWN!

    I wish I could tell you, but it was not functioning at the time. Reason Number ONE to try to reride it. the Angler is an AA of sorts and there are others: Bruce's companion Chum with the hook in his nose and the jelly fish.
  4. J

    The Living Seas wall is DOWN!

    This is what WDWMagic is for. I got to Nemo and Friends at lunch time today. They let a few guests in for a ride, before a problem or two. Overall the Attraction is very nice, like a good old Disney family dark ride. Yeah! The que is a very nice story of walking on the beach into the surf and...
  5. J

    Accessibility for Wheelchair Guests

    Disney is very accessible and does alot of things right and is always improving in this area. The FIRST thing you will want to do is to get a "Guidebook for Guests With Disabilities" they have one for each park and is a must for anyone with Disablilities at Disney for the first time, so you will...
  6. J

    NSSHP and the Headless Horseman

    The best place for the horseman experience is at Liberty Square. A Streetmosphere story teller is telling the story of the legend and when he gets to the part about the Headless Horseman, he says to listen for him and you can sometimes hear him coming, and come he does across the bridge from the...
  7. J

    Monorail maintenance building

    Ever heard of the Contemporary Resort Hotel?
  8. J

    4 fireworks shows for the 4th of July

    Now, Now, who was it that started this post anyway - giving out times and dates about unsolicited information. If you are going to get all bent, because you left out a detail and someone asked for it, then just don't start creating posts. May the irritation begin.
  9. J

    Space Mountain Color

    And why do you think this is sad? John Hench designed the parks and was a brilliant colorist.
  10. J

    Everest Photograph Speaker: REVEALED

    NO! You will not be able to see trains going backwards. Otherwise you will be "Giving up the GAG" so to speak.
  11. J

    Has Epcot's wild ride tamed down?

    State ride safety officials said there has been no change in the way Disney, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando report accidents to the state. The major parks are exempt from state ride safety regulations. Since 2001, they have voluntarily reported injuries that result in a hospital stay of...
  12. J

    Is MGM within walking distance from Pop Century?

    NO. Unless you can swim and trap through a Jungle. Disney provides a Bus that will take you straight to the fornt of the Park and bring you back at the end of the day at no cost. Hope that helps answer your Question.
  13. J

    Details on SwitchBack Mechanism for Everest

    That is how the Mummy works, But NOT Everest. They are not even similar in their function.
  14. J

    Something I don't get...

    If Walt were alive and running the company like he used to, we would not even be having this conversation, because like Flowers and Trees, Snow White, etc. Disney Studios would have been doing CG animation before Pixar ever got off the ground. Walt was always leading the pack, not jumping on...
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