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  1. jcrb

    The I've Been To WWoHP Discussion Thread

    Frozen Butter Beer from the Hogs head was great. $2.50 for small glass and $10 for a souvenir mug. FJ with very cool. Well worth the wait through the Hogwarts castle.
  2. jcrb

    magical express gone at the end of year?

    I believe the company is making too much money indirectly with the program to cancel it. Think of all the people that are staying on WDW property instead of other hotels.
  3. jcrb

    my EE trip photo update

    wdwishes2005 you did EE 23 time - how the heck did you do that? I rode it 5 times on Friday and was getting a little dizzy. (Mainly from that backwards motion)
  4. jcrb

    Did they cut the Everest waterfalls?

    Water fall effects cool, u can see really see it once the train goes over the first lift.
  5. jcrb

    EE AP Preview hours/wait times???

    Yesterday, attendance was not that bad, was able to get 4 fastpass - went through stand by once. Oh yeah Fastpass right now for EE is not on the network. If you get a fastpass for EE you can always get one for Kali or Dino at same time.
  6. jcrb

    Crazy Guy at Everest Today

    Hey did anyone see the crazy guy at Everest today- scream at management? He was making a bid scene, pretty much management/security raced after him to get him out of the park. I wonder what that was all about.
  7. jcrb

    mkt's Everest AP Preview Pics

    Great Pics MKT, don't know how you got them, seeing I was holding on for dear life durring my train ride today.
  8. jcrb

    disney buying pixar

    Pixar is a publicly traded company, what will happen is Pixar will go to the share holders and a cartain % has to vote on selling the company to Disney.
  9. jcrb

    Don't Forget: Everest Website Launches Monday

    Do you think it will be up at 12am?
  10. jcrb

    Eisner Interview

    Can someone post the link of the interview on Msnbc.com.
  11. jcrb

    Eisner Interview

    I believe Eisner will be a regular on Squawk Box or will have his own show. Maria Bartiromo said something about it during power lunch.
  12. jcrb

    Happy Turkey Day

    Have A Happy Thanksgiving, Yall
  13. jcrb

    Country Bear Christmas opens...this Saturday

    that blasphemy- how can you hate the christmas show. :xmas: :xmas: :xmas:
  14. jcrb


    Also watch out for Sorin Cast members in uniform- a bunch of them will come out and walk near the entrance to imagination pavilion.
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