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Recent content by Jayhawkie

  1. J

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

  2. J

    Trip Report THE ONE FOR MY BIRTHDAY IN MARCH; 3/15-3/20, 2019 *COMPLETE*

    I love your trip reports!! When do you think you will go back? I’m heading down end of May staying till the 9th of June. I would definitely say hi!!😜
  3. J

    Rental Car Advice

    But they could return the car at least even if no one was there?
  4. J

    Rental Car Advice

    I have a question about car rental service. So I have friends who will be using at rental for Uni. When going to Disney they want to return the car as not to pay the nightly fee. Can they return their car to the Car Care Center at Disney or do they have to return at the airport? Also, is there...
  5. J

    new to dining plan

    Actually, I watched an episode of Disney Food Blog and they said if the soda is included then you get a drink too. Just what I heard not for sure though
  6. J

    Just for fun.... You have the chance to work any job in WDW, what would you like to do??

    Be on Main Street before the parade and talk to people!!
  7. J

    Party size for ADRs?

    OP, I would keep checking for availability. It seems ressies always open up. Are you pretty set on the time you want to eat? If they have a early morning or late ressie, you could work around that with a light breakfast or snack to tide your family over.
  8. J

    All you need to know about 'Service Your Way' at Walt Disney World Resort hotels

    Fractal, I was wondering the same thing? Anyone have any insight?
  9. J

    Trip Report Ice cream, BTMRR challenge and a Magical time .....Completed

    I love your philosophy about living your life. You almost made me cry. I'm so glad you had a great time and can't wait to hear about your March trip.
  10. J

    Dining Pl Snacks that are breakfast-ish

    You could pack a few single serve boxes of cereal. SAMS sells them in a variety of flavors.
  11. J

    Early June?

    Actually they changed Gay Days to August in 2019. Girls in Wonderland and another LGBT group are still holding their events the first weekend of June.
  12. J

    Travel agents? Are they worth going through?

    We use Kingdom Konsultants--Marie it is!!
  13. J

    2019 Dining Plan costs

    I have always done the regular DP. After figuring up how much it would be for 5 adults and one child I'm going with the QS plan. We will still go to some sit down restaurants but not as many as we normally would. I agree that Disney needs to come up with a middle DP for children that are 10 and...
  14. J

    ME question

    Thanks, I wasn't sure if they could use it or not.
  15. J

    ME question

    Ok, I have some friends flying into MCO on a Friday. They are renting a car and driving to the beach for three days then returning to Orlando for two more before checking into Disney. I'm assuming that ME is not available to them because of the extra days before Disney? Can anyone shed light on...
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