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  1. JasonP

    News Walk Around the World Bricks to be removed around the Magic Kingdom and TTC

    What I would like to know is what will these 6" bricks look like? Will they have our inscription on it?
  2. JasonP

    News Walk Around the World Bricks to be removed around the Magic Kingdom and TTC

    I bought ours in 1994. Ours is right outside the Monorail entrance at MK which is between the Monorail and the MK gate. One helluva location between two small trees. I am heart broken to see it no longer there but thankful and amazed that it was there this long. We're talking 25 years! When...
  3. JasonP

    Would these be allowed in the parks? (smartphone gimbal / stabilizer)

    I brought my DJI Osmo Mobile and was asked if it extended. I used to in the parks, on rides, during fireworks. No problems and an amazing fun way to shoot video/photos in the parks. Makes everything nicer!
  4. JasonP

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    I Laugh Floor a lot but BRING BACK TIMEKEEPER!!!!!!
  5. JasonP

    Uber with car seats coming soon to Orlando

    You couldn't have said it better. I would never trust a car seat that I had no control over. No thanks.
  6. JasonP

    What will be renovated/added by January 2017?

    Hmmm Last I read/heard Avatar was early 2017 too. I hope SW and TS Land is not 2020.
  7. JasonP

    Test Track VS World of Motion

    I miss WoM a lot, as I grew up going to Disney and riding those slow moving rides like SSE, WoM, Horizons, etc. If I wanted thrill rides I'd go to Six Flags but.. That being said, I miss the original TT. TT 2.0 is a huge step down from WoM and TT 2..
  8. JasonP

    Google Maps Update

    Ooo and the construction of Avatar land in AK.
  9. JasonP

    Disney Cravings

    I could definitely go for a Citrus Swirl right now!!!
  10. JasonP

    PUSH helped a couple get engaged

    Wait PUSH is still in MK?!
  11. JasonP

    Turkey legs in Tomorrowland

    And how do we know this for sure?
  12. JasonP

    Towel Buddies at DS Resorts

    lol good point!!!
  13. JasonP

    Uh oh Splash Mountain is down!!! DOH

    DOH my last day in Disney and SM is down. They were evacing it around 12:30 this evening.
  14. JasonP

    Towel Buddies at DS Resorts

    You're missing the point. I wouldn't, but have heard you could. IE if your kids love it or whatever.
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