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    Best Disney tip you ever got!

    Are there multiple locations throughout each park to swap them or is there one location in each park?
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    No ADR's for Tony's Town Square in September ?

    Not too sure what the issue is - we were able to get ours through out travel agent for the parade deal but we didn't have a problem before we decided to take that route. However, we are purposefully not scheduling MK days during the party. We are staying Sept. 7-14.
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    2019 Dining Plan costs

    My wife and I will be on the DDP as well for our 10 year anniversary. I do have a question --- can you use your credits for other people not in your party or is that a case-by-case, venue-by-venue decision?
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    Third Time but...

    What about Raglan Rd. @ Disney Springs? Ever been?
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    Third Time but...

    So... this will be my third time going to Disney, but my first time staying at one of the resorts. I have a couple questions: 1) If you begin the resort check-in process prior to arriving, what information will they need upon arrival at the desk? 2) In your opinions, are there any quick...
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