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    Review of the Magic Kingdom; a return visit after 25 years

    Ive got to ride It's A Small World hopefully just one more time because I'm taking seven year old granddaughter in May. Thats the ride I hope never breaks down while Im on it! Btw its Lemonade:)
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    Review of the Magic Kingdom; a return visit after 25 years

    Wowzer. That trip must have been a nightmare! Ive never heard of so many things breaking down. CM's have always been very helpful and happy when ive visited. Your description of people from the south was insulting. Running all the way to Biergarten:)
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    50's Prime Time Servers?

    Cant wait to go!
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    Best snacks available using Dining plan

    The best snack credit I ever used was on a ice cream sundae in waffle bowl. Sold at Plaza in MK if its still open.
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    pin codes after reservations

    :cat::geek: Funny!
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    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    Where do you get the cute mickey ear dessert? Thats an awesome birthday idea!
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    Character Breakfast

    Tusker House would be my 1st choice for breakfast. Lots of variety. Lots of kids at times. Can be noisy but fun. 2nd is Cape May. Havent been in a while, but it seemed much more quiet and less crowded. Beautiful resort location. Goofy and Donald here also. Try to change to a late ADR. I think...
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    Just Booked!!! May 9th -17th What to book for dinner?

    We are going at that same time! Also eating at 50's Prime Time and Tappan Edo.....maybe. Going to check out Tokyo since Belledream suggests its better. Thanks!
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    Best Time to Go.

    1st 2 weeks of May or December are great!
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    pin codes after reservations

    What exactly is a pin code and how do you get it?
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    October vs December

    All are good dates and great times to be at WDW. Ive been during those times. Love them both. In October, the fall decorations are out and so pretty plus a feeling of Halloween is in the air. Ive noticed increased crowds in October the last few times I went but that might not be the case all...
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    Not happy with the plan, would you go anyway?

    Id have a get together quick and express how I feel. Maybe they think you dont care what the arrangements are. It can be done. Its your vacation to. Every one shouldnt be made to "stick together". My huge family tried this once at another theme park and it didnt work well. When we went again, we...
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    Crowd Level Advice Needed...

    If you can stand the heat, I bet it will be low crowds. Id rather have crowds than heat but every one is different so go and enjoy!
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    less than 24 hours!!

    I wouldnt be able to sleep!! Have fun. Im early stages of planning for May.
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