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Recent content by J_Krafty24

  1. J

    Vegan and Quick Service Plan

    I recommend making sure to bring some snacks along with you to help with any HANGRY issues that come up.
  2. J

    Anyone book with a travel agent instead of through Disney?

    The biggest reason I book through a travel agent that specializes in Disney vacations (NOT an agent from a random local travel agency or AAA). . . The day free dining was released I sat down to breakfast and had already received and email from my agent that free dining had been added to my trip...
  3. J

    Disney Visa Cardmember Character Experience at Epcot

    Everytime I have gone, over the the past 6 years it has been Mickey and Goofy. (then again that is our luck as it took at least 8 rides over those 6 years before we got a star tours ride that didn't include the pod racers and ending with jarjar). I have found the line to be pretty long (30...
  4. J

    just a few random questions..

    What we did for breakfast was to have an Amazon Prime Now delivery with cereal, milk, granola bars, apple sauce pouches and some other various snacks. It was delivered to bell services and all we needed to do was pick it up. Bell services will even keep the cold items cold for you. Currently...
  5. J

    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

    My husband and I did MVMCP this past year. We take a trip down to WDW every few years. I feel that the Christmas party was well worth the money this one time. If we were to find ourselves in Orlando during the holidays again I personally would not find a 2nd visit to the party worth it.
  6. J

    Resort Hopping at Star Wars Hotel?

    Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan restricts entry for the same reason the Star Wars resort might need to. Guests staying at Grand Hotel are paying top dollar for a certain experience. If they give every day tripper on the island to buy fudge and go for a bike ride full access the...
  7. J

    Pop Century Thoughts/ Preferred Rooms

    Pop Century room renovations are complete. They have started on one of the all star resorts but I forget which one.
  8. J

    Pop Century Thoughts/ Preferred Rooms

    If your daughter will be sleeping in a pack and play I think the rooms at Pop will be perfect for you. My husband and I just stayed at Pop a few weeks ago and with the 2nd bed folded up into the wall I felt we had a good amount of space in the room. Plenty to have a pack and play set up and...
  9. J


    Last time I was at Cracker Barrel the bottle said it was half real maple syrup and half the fake stuff. I bet you can find the good stuff at the Canada pavolion though.
  10. J

    Art of Animation Resort Busting at the Seams

    Along with the previously mentioned no EMH for the extras, FP+ at 30 days instead of 60 and not being able to use their magic bands for unlocking the room, you will need to hide any evidence of the extra people during the day because of the mandatory daily security checks on every room. How...
  11. J

    Automatic Gratuity for large parties despite poor service

    1.) Yes a tip can be disputed. Ask to speak with a manager. 2.) Not sure about offending anyone but you could show up to your reservation early and explain the situation to the manager and see what they can do about splitting the table between 2 different servers before you are even seated.
  12. J

    Your favorite portable cellphone battery?

    I like RAVpower brand battery packs. They are very highly rated on Amazon. I have had Anker in the past and feel RAV has a better physical design. Regardless of which you choose you want a brand that has been around awhile (lots of good verified purchaser reviews on Amazon dating back at...
  13. J

    Poly Parking for Breakfast

    Thanks, glad to hear it is unlikely to be a problem. I be will be taking Disney Transportation and will not go past the guard shack. So hopefully my name will be enough.
  14. J

    Poly Parking for Breakfast

    I have made breakfast reservations for my husband, myself and my grandparents (who live locally) at Kona Cafe for a couple weeks from now. I am the primary name on the reservation but I have also put their names on the adr. Are they likely to have issues parking since they are not the primary...
  15. J

    MVMCP Must Dos?

    This will be my first time at MVMCP as well. My plan is to hit all the special shows and treat stations and mostly skip the rides as we will have plenty of MK time later in the trip. Is the jingle cruise specific to the party or can I get the same experience during regular MK hours? My...
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