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  1. itsy bitsy spider

    News Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island closing for lengthy refurbishment

    I agree it is a waste of space. Even Jungle Cruise and the Speedway feel like better uses of land.
  2. itsy bitsy spider

    Florida man charged with attacking Disney World guard at DinoLand U.S.A.

    You can't trust young people, I learn that more and more as I get older. Especially the dumb ones.
  3. itsy bitsy spider

    Beastly Kingdom 5th park

    The trick to eating in an Asian country is to eat the food before it eats you. I learned that from Tom the bartender in “Prisoner of Azkaban”. He must have ate something wrong though because he completely changed in Prisoner. He looks like that guy from “Weird Science” that used to give me...
  4. itsy bitsy spider

    Candy Cauldron sign change

    There's a reason that the themed rooms and resorts are so popular though. If I'm on vacation I want 100% over the top Disney theming.
  5. itsy bitsy spider

    Splash Mountain to Black Panther

    That makes no sense. All of the parks have attractions based on movies. It's their themes that make them relevant for the certain parks. Much of Avatar's story revolves around nature and animals. Thus it belongs most in Animal Kingdom. The biggest problem with the land is they don't showcase...
  6. itsy bitsy spider

    WDW Rumor Tracker, Version 3

    Great job Mister Penguin This pandemic has probably nixed the idea of a 5th gate anytime soon. They can't even finish the rides that have been under construction in their existing parks.
  7. itsy bitsy spider

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I don't like the boarding queue. It seems like people that are vloggers and have been on it 672 times get on everyday.
  8. itsy bitsy spider

    Disney's Encanto, from the makers of Zootopia

    All the girls in Brazil seem to be beautiful even the normal ones. So the animators have to really perfect this one. .... especially the booties. The girls can't be too thin, they've got to be curvy like an old country road.
  9. itsy bitsy spider

    Disney's Encanto, from the makers of Zootopia

    Ohhhh, guess whose involved in the movie? Mister Disney himself "Lin Manuel Miranda".
  10. itsy bitsy spider

    Redd the Pirate to Receive Makeover

    Margot Robbie maybe playing the redhead in a future pirates movie. Hopefully she'll sound different from the ride's version. Or else she'll sound worse than she does as Harley Quinn. Which is saying something.
  11. itsy bitsy spider

    Beastly Kingdom 5th park

    LOL, Expect more kids, they said on the news this Corona thing is creating a Baby Boom. Prompting the new slogan to catch on “Netflix and …. (“Love” of course)”.
  12. itsy bitsy spider

    Beastly Kingdom 5th park

    I doubt that, I go 4-5 times a week. 2 examples, The 7 Dwarves mine Train is usually over an hour wait for a 2 minute ride and the lines for the booths at food and wine are ridiculously, outrageously long for their tiny portions. You're just one of those people that thinks they know everything.
  13. itsy bitsy spider

    Beastly Kingdom 5th park

    Have you seen the parks? They are unbearably crowded at least 330 days of the year. If they had another park it would space people out. When we go on vacation with her, my grandma has to run over hundreds of people on her motorized tiger.
  14. itsy bitsy spider

    Beastly Kingdom 5th park

    It's nice to see you have a website.
  15. itsy bitsy spider

    Beastly Kingdom 5th park

    It does actually feel like Radiator Springs because it takes place in a Car-like vehicle. Though the exterior looks like something out of Mad Max. ...Thankfully Tom Hardy isn't chained to the front of it though. It definitely is a fun ride that us Americans would welcome with open arms...
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