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  • Cool, Kelly. I am Shannon - and yeah the meets are a blast. Found out at the SSE meet that even though most of us had not met in person, we were like old friends very quickly. My husband doesn't go to many meets I think because he just isn't all that into WDW - but the rest of us own the place when we are together. Hope you can make an effort to come to the meet. We are trying to plan 2 days to make it more worth while to go. ;)
    We have a pretty freaking rocking meet planned in Feb - still working out the dates but I do believe it will be the weekend of Feb 7th. :) We will start a thread pretty soon - and I'll make sure you see it. Too funny about the young-uns on this site. ;)
    So when is the EPCOT triad going to have a meet there? :lol: If you are going to be part of a cult, I think regular seances are required. :lol:
    Thanks a lot for the support! I'm still planning my move, and I don't intend to give up! It's always been my dream, you know...
    well ur brother is a smart man lol and i remember that game it was tough to watch. and the Avs i have nothing against them we share something in common in having had good ole claude lemeiux (SP?) lol. and im a huge hockey fan as are my friends but other than that its so hard to find people who love hockey.
    Chad lives right across the street from me and I don't know his last name. His wife's name is Gina and he owns a large Marmaduke style dog. We're both (Chad and I) Cubs fans. Other than that, I can't tell you anymore. I can find out his last name next time we talk.
    Hi, Kelly!!! Long time no see! I had a huge problem with the phone wires and I had no phone or internet for a long time. Well, now I'm back to cyberlife! My brother is going to move to East Chicago. We are all excited about it! I am planning to move to Florida next year. Hope you had a great weekend too! Tati
    Indiana? That's great! My brother is going to move to Indiana next year. He's a chemical engineer, and he's going to take an assignment there. So, what do you do? How's your life up there? BTW... I'm Tatiana, but everyone calls me Tati. :)
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