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  1. hrcollectibles

    Bloggers and Podcasters need to be controlled

    I guess they couldn't get the rights to his likeness... I mean its not like he would take up a lot of space in the panel..lol I used to listen to his podcast on a regular basis, not any more,its just way to sugar coated for me.
  2. hrcollectibles

    How Many Days for You... (Part 7)

    9 Days until Wilderness Lodge :)
  3. hrcollectibles

    Teen denied entry to AK for outfit....

    If you are referring to the picture at about the 34 second mark, that is past the Tower of Terror entrance on Sunset blvd. across from the area where they have all of the quick service locations. They are where the restrooms are located.
  4. hrcollectibles

    Teen denied entry to AK for outfit....

    Be thankful...:ROFLOL: The Peter Pan guy kind of looks like Bruno...
  5. hrcollectibles

    Teen denied entry to AK for outfit....

    I think my friend Chris Hansen may want to have a word with you.. I too smell a lawsuit very soon, probably for emotional damages...Save the dressing up for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.
  6. hrcollectibles

    WDW ticket price increases coming June 3rd

    I would venture to say that a majority of the rides and attractions at all Walt Disney World theme parks do not have height restrictions. You would be amazed at what children can remember. Its funny you mention that, as I have a Premier Annual Pass for Universal Studios. Which I pay a little...
  7. hrcollectibles

    WDW ticket price increases coming June 3rd

    Sure the ticket increase is $1 more than the Universal Studios increase, but it costs $15 to park at Universal and $14 to park at a Disney Park. So it does actually cost the same to visit one Disney Park as it does to visit one Universal park...:ROFLOL:
  8. hrcollectibles

    Roger Rabbit's silhouette no longer his?

    That is Brer Rabbit... As far as a Jessica Rabbit face character, I think her proportion would be difficult to cast.
  9. hrcollectibles

    The official lineup for this year's 'Eat to the Beat Concert Series' announced

    Can't wait to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy again... I just wish they artists would perform longer sets. That is one of the things I really like about Mardi Gras at Universal, you get a full concert.
  10. hrcollectibles

    Save the Adventurers Club

    But on an iphone you can create text shortcuts :)
  11. hrcollectibles

    Save the Adventurers Club

    That is a little steep. And I find it interesting that there is a Fee, above the event ticket price, me thinks the "fee" is to circumvent the paypal fee, which if true, is against paypal policy.
  12. hrcollectibles

    Save the Adventurers Club

    SFRT? DATW? I have been away from the boards for a while mind shedding some light on these acronyms? I realize they save time by shortening the words, but never understood using them on a message board, text messages I understand as there are character limits. And not everyone knows what...
  13. hrcollectibles

    Disney reservation glitch

    One of the main reason I quit listening to both of their podcasts, was, in my opinion, their over the top, Disney can do no wrong attitudes..
  14. hrcollectibles

    Save the Adventurers Club

    On of the things I like about City Walk is the fact that you can find a parking spot, as opposed to Downtown Disney, where you can drive around for quite sometime before finding one. And they also offer Valet Parking, which for me is included with my annual pass...
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