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Recent content by Hockey89

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    Dining plan?

    Simple. It has destroyed the quality of food at Disney. The high end places are a shell what they were. That’s the hate
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    Dining plan?

    Hoping never.
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    Chef Art Smith's Homecoming, is it that good?

    Yes, that is why the obesity runs rampant in the south. omg. Via Napoli had the best pizza you have had. I’m crying for you.
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    ESPN Club

    That would be great news.... Maybe they can put in something that actually has food that's edible...
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    Nine Dragons

    The most expensive Chinese food is in Vegas....
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    Chef Art Smith's Homecoming, is it that good?

    Same for me with the portions were huge!!! I don't need nor do I want to eat a half of cow at dinner....
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    Masks and Social Distancing Go Away in WDW

    You really need to shut off the news and get out of the echo chamber. There is zero chance we are doing this in 2023. Zero
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    Masks and Social Distancing Go Away in WDW

    Using real facts and logic. That has no place here
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    Via Napoli Options

    You spelled good taste wrong.
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    Via Napoli Options

    So true. The pizza sucks at WDW. I’m still shocked when people say Via Napoli is good pizza. Have you never had good pizza? Bc the place is so blah.
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    Are people finding difficult to get reservations that they want?

    They should be banned from making reservation….
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    Where’s the best food in Magic Kingdom

    They sure did.... Much better times to eat at Disney... DDP the death of real restaurants
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    NHL 2020/21 Official Discussion Thread

    Canadians vs bruins
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