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  1. helenabear

    Ways of prepaying for food other than the dining plan?

    Admittedly I don't quite understand how you are pre paying for it all if you still you have to pay for the tip in the end. Even if you pay cash, you're still carrying around a significant amount of cash in my opinion in order to do so. I personally would do the gift card grout and then whatever...
  2. helenabear

    What’s the longest you have stayed on property?

    My husband wasn't given a choice. All IT off certain levels get cell phones. Works for me! Like you, we're want personal to stay personal.
  3. helenabear

    Epcot Hotels

    Non DVC is Yacht Club to me. Love the lobby, the rooms, the feel. The food there is better than the others. Nice quiet pool too. Beach Club isn't bad honestly. Different feel. I just like Yacht more. Boardwalk isn't bad, but they have had the worst issues with service for me over time...
  4. helenabear

    Boardwalk Villas Tubs

    The tubs were not removed during the refurb they did 3-4 years ago :)
  5. helenabear

    What’s the longest you have stayed on property?

    My husband carries his with him. I cannot say I was upset when he accidentally dropped his cell on the parking lot while getting luggage out of the car and it got run over one trip. Wasn't usable at all that trip! No one has my husband's personal cell which is good. I know it would spread if...
  6. helenabear

    Need some advice

    Defends on the party IMO. I'm not a fan of SAB at beach club especially with little kids. Too spread out and over crowded. Slide is difficult to manage with little ones too. The quiet pool is very nice. Lots of nooks and crannies to relax inside. Views suck as a whole and balconies are more...
  7. helenabear

    What’s the longest you have stayed on property?

    Or forcing an unexpected reboot (we love a show called the IT Crowd LOL) trust me ID10T and PEBCAK errors are so rampant that nothing keeps people from calling. That and he does his job. At least my line of work I'm not required to do things on vacation. Work for a small company though and...
  8. helenabear

    Resale Prices Down?

    We'll have to see it in person. It could be okay but is kind of questionable to me. I don't even like all the concrete and such at POFQ. I like a little more greenery I guess. Still a little sad about that. Though with WL you can always walk over (once the path is open again) if you ever do...
  9. helenabear

    Resale Prices Down?

    I love the way RR looks, I will give it that. I'm just not keen on the location or gondolas (I hate heights). I might try to stay there next June but not 100% sure it will be a good fit for our group. I worry it will be a little like BLT in that it will miss good greenery on the grounds...
  10. helenabear

    Resale Prices Down?

    I don't know if it is just about location as it is about "shiny new" other option in the same resort. Not sure about Reflections though. I'm not interested in that one at all. Not really interested in RR either but hey they make something for all, but a bit of a bummer the 2 newest in a row...
  11. helenabear

    Resale Prices Down?

    Very cool! I see BRV is down, I attribute it to CCV opening though. Most I see small increase or relatively flat. I'm not surprised by that.
  12. helenabear

    What’s the longest you have stayed on property?

    I actually went a lot of places without my husband since I had so many more days I could use than him. I would go with friends and such, but I would never go for really long periods of time. I remember the first time he could go with me on our DVC points. I had already made a few trips but he...
  13. helenabear

    Plenty of rooms available for Star Wars Opening

    No they don't. Even though I always had perfect attendance save literally 3 days of my whole K-12 life, I always thought they were stupid. Not everyone has a good immune system or health that allows the not to miss. Good riddance to those I say.
  14. helenabear

    What’s the longest you have stayed on property?

    Yeah my husband has 3 weeks and for a long time he only had 2 - sometimes even under 1 week. I was given PTO which gave me 25 days by the time I left (plus holidays). I traveled total a year more than 2 weeks to Disney, but I did it in spurts. A week here, 4 nights there. Going 3-4 times a...
  15. helenabear

    Disney World Low Attendance Paradox

    I thought that was a rumor still since it didn't explicitly state it was for a path that would require a draw bridge unless they want to not have the boats go in and out as usual. If there is a path, I hope it is better shade than the one to BLT/Contemporary. Not a fan of how exposed it feels...
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