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    Salute to All Things but MOSTLY Politics

    Good grief... can we stop with the "(Candidate) has a plan to..." nonsense? THE PRESIDENT CAN DO (almost) NOTHING UNILATERALLY!!!! I don't care what Biden thinks, in his dementia-laden gray matter, he can do. I don't care what Trump thinks, in his psychotic orange/gray matter, he will do...
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    Several new Walt Disney World discount offers launch today for early 2021

    This part makes me unhappy: Additional per-adult charges may apply if more than 2 adults per room at Disney Value, Moderate and Deluxe Resorts and Studios at Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts. Mostly because Disney defines a 10 year old as an adult for most purposes, so does that apply here as well?
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    What I or We would like to see and experience at US Disney Parks.

    Unique rides/attractions in each park. Give us a reason to visit the other parks instead of creating cookie-cutter parks. And I thought OLC has exclusivity rights for a number of years on many of their rides. It’s one reason why visiting the Tokyo parks are at the top of my Disney bucket list...
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    News PHOTOS - New look Magic Kingdom auto-plaza shares similar color scheme with Cinderella Castle

    Castle looks terrible in pink. The blue does pop in the sunlight, I’ll give them that. I’ll reserve judgment on the toll plaza until I’ve seen it in person. And the castle looks terrible in pink, did I mention that?
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    There was plenty of non-insider speculation that Space would go down for a refurb once Tron was opened. But the last plan that I can recall to actually "fix" Space Mountain in Florida was 2006, before the budget was cut and we got what we got, instead of the originally-planned full-blown refurb.
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    I'll do you one better - What is MK's 50th anniversary celebration? ;) (I already know the answer - Not much, at this point. Back to cupcakes and ... a souvenir map) They'll get on that as soon as Pandora opens and they take that opportunity to fix/replace the Yeti. Oh, wait...
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    News Disney announces strategic restructuring of media and entertainment divisions.

    Iger's ego knows no bounds, nor was it encumbered by silly notions such as spending money wisely or investing in stupid theme park attractions for stupid people. Give the lemmings what they want, because that will make me... I mean, the company money! Those old dead guys didn't know anything...
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    Rumor Disney may be about to expand the use of virtual queue boarding groups at Walt Disney World

    CM’s cost money, and Disney can’t afford more than the bare minimum right now, don’t cha know? Who cares about meaningless buzzwords like “guest experience” when we’re talking about Chapek making large shareholders happy??
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    No thanks. Which from your post means... highly likely.
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    Splash Mountain to Black Panther

    The correct answer is, “Leave Splash Mountain as-is”. I mean, maintain it and keep it up and running. But don’t change the ride.
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    Is Ryan Gosling one of us?

    Not a fan of NBC, plus HM was closed when I was in DL in 2016 so they could put the NBC overlay in. Fully in agreement with Mr. Gosling here. My wife did ride HM at DL with the overlay, said "it was stupid". So, so happy they don't ruin it at MK with the overlay.
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    2020 Vice Presidential Debate

    So the President should be decided the same way that a homecoming king is? I wonder what the talking point would be if a Democrat lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College? I’d wager an entirely-too-large sum of virtual money that it would be a complete 180 from what it is right now...
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    It’s called “having a sense of humor”, aka. Not being offended by anything and everything and actually laughing at the absolute, utter 💩show that is US politics. My vote: “Giant Meteor 2020 - Just end it already.”
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