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    New Cirque du Soleil 'Drawn to Life' show in development to replace La Nouba

    Can anyone tell me who the disney cast member is standing with the grey suit
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    News Disney World Cast Members being recalled to work as Disney prepares to boost capacity for the summer

    No college program, international program or seasonal cast members. The seasonal cast were the members who picked up extra shifts from full/part timers. We still have cast members working many extra hours without time off. Looking forward to getting a call for seasonal work.
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    News WDW loses Pop Warner to Universal and Camping World Stadium

    Convention business is big for Disney and most on hold now. Most groups used All Stars which most are not sure if this will open for the summer, pop century and Caribbean beach. All ESPNWWOS cast members are deployed other places and no longer have their seasonal cast members,and college program...
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    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    This sounds 100% like a money issue. Contract with mears must be coming up. When will train to springs happen? Are magical express traveling numbers down? This will prove to be a bad move for Disney. Not because of the car means individuals go to universal but Disney restaurants will take a...
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    News Gelateria Toscana - Construction between Italy and American Adventure pavilions

    This is a very narrow plot of land that contained changing/warmup areas for candlelight choirs. This also housed the Disney youth program music area and was moved a few years ago. Choirs were sent to the living with the land theater stage before the updated movie. With no candlelight this year...
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    Walt Disney World seasonal employment.

    I applied in June 2017 for a part time watercraft opening and told them I could only be in Florida from Nov - April. I was placed in the "I am looking for something for you" category and received my notification of seasonal employment at ESPN WWOS in Feb 2018. I got very lucky. Since this...
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    Seasonal cast member at ESPN WWOS

    I start my second year as a seasonal cast member at ESPN WWOS on Sunday. I had a blast last year and can't wait to return
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    Summer dancer employment

    Please google disney auditions and you should be able to see all available positions and the information needed for these parts
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    News Disney Riviera Resort announced

    Pad between Italy and Germany has Disney performing arts building on it but I have been told they area coming down. There is also a new building (tent) going up behind that pad. I would guess for candlelight procession changing area and warmup
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    Waitlist for WDW Seasonal?

    Here was my process. Last June I emailed/applied to disney for a part time position. Within 5 minutes they emailed me a link for a personally test. I completed this and received an invitation to a phone interview. I completed the interview and since I do not currently live full time in...
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    News Disney offers to pay union members at least $15 by 2021

    This is 100% correct. I believe disneys "tax savings" will go a long long way to pay for the wage increase. Bottom line.... they can afford this.
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    News Disney offers to pay union members at least $15 by 2021

    Wow, I can't believe people are arguing over this pay raise. These will be the same people who will be yelling when the quality of their service goes down. I have been a frequent traveler to WDW since 1999 and have witnessed a huge change in the cast members. We are now seeing more and more...
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    News Circle of Life at The Land Pavilion permanently closing in early February 2018

    I was in the theater yesterday morning and it looks the same as it did the last time we watched the movie. It will take them less then 15 minutes to return to the theater of old. Move 2 table piano, 2 speakers and ready to go.
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