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  • I know I was totally excited about Kasey winning! I guess RPM merged with Braun Racing in the Nationwide Series or something and so they drive Totyotas in the Nationwide but Dodges in the Cup, too confusing for me. Plus, I heard RPM may switch to Toyota next year in the Cup Series (puke)! Pretty soon every team in NASCAR is going to be Toyota and then the stands really will be empty, serves them right though for letting them in in the first place! I went to the Chicagoland race in Joliet, IL last weekend it was great and Kasey finished 3rd so hopefully they won't switch afterall! I would NEVER buy one of those ridiculous looking prius cars, I'd rather walk or take the bus! If they switch, I'll find a new driver...like...maybe...KURT BUSCH! Hope all is well with you and talk to you later!

    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry it's been so long since I last talked to you. It has been crazy busy here with school projects, finals, and graduation! It's now time for me to grow up and get a real job, lol! Hopefully, I can find one!
    My trip in March was very relaxing and I had a great time! The Epcot Flower and Garden Festival was gorgeous just like I knew it would be. The cruise was awesome, can't wait to go on another one! Now, I don't get another vacation until 11/26-12/6 of this year :cry:
    As far as NASCAR goes, I'm sad because Kasey fell out of the top 12 in points. He should get back in though. Kurt Busch led the points for awhile so that was cool!
    As far as what car I like, I currently have a black Dodge Intrepid and I think my next car will be a silver Dodge Charger. The Challenger is way too retro for me but still cute.

    I wanted to go on a Disney Cruise but my sister really isn't into the whole Disney thing so we're going on a Carnival cruise. It's kind've weird because we both grew up on Disney and our Mom and Dad started taking us there when we were young, so I don't know why she hates it so much. Oh well, her loss! Anyway, we're going to Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya, and Nassau. My sister and I are going to swim with the dolphins in Cozumel so that should be fun!

    I'm glad I talked my Mom and Dad into going to Disney for 1 day, they're excited about it too though because they love it as much as I do. I'm sure the flowers are gorgeous, I can't wait to see them and I'm sure I'll take plenty of pictures. I think my sister and her boyfriend are going to Universal instead.

    I'm so glad that that Kasey is doing well so far this year, it's exciting! Plus, I'm glad a Dodge won at Atlanta this last weekend, that was exciting as well! Yay!
    That's great you had a good time at Christmas! We usually take it fairly slow as well when we go and it is very nice, more relaxing that way! The Christmas decorations beautiful huh?

    Oh, guess what? I'm going on a cruise in March and we're going to go a little early so we can go to WDW for 1 day! I know it's just 1 day but we know our way around the parks so I'm sure we'll get to see everything we want to unless it's super crowded! Plus, I want to see the Flower & Garden Festival, I hear it's gorgeous! I'm totally excited!

    NASCAR rocks and I'm totally excited for this season! I think the Petty merger will be a good thing for the team, more cars equals more feedback! Kasey is going to ROCK in 2009! I'm going to the Chicagoland race in July so I'm excited about that also, it's always tons of fun!

    Talk to you later!
    Heather :wave:
    Sorry so late in responding! Anyway, my trip in October was so much fun but then I knew it would be because it is Disney and I ALWAYS have fun there! It has been fun to see it at all different times of the year. Christmas is awesome and so was Halloween. Those are my 2 favorite holidays so that makes it even better. The characters all looked super cute in their Halloween costumes, the parade was awesome, I got tons of candy, and bought tons of things Halloween Disney related! It was tons of fun! How was your trip last month? Tell me all the details!
    Hey, don't you get to go to WDW this month? What dates are you going to be there? I'm soo jealous, I wish I was going! Anyway, have fun!
    Hey, that is an awesome surprise! You will have SOOOOO much fun! I'm leaving next week and no I can't hardly wait! The only thing I hate is that the sooner it comes then the sooner it's over :cry:
    I've heard people say that the parade you get to see on Christmas day in the park is the same one seen at the party. I don't know if that's true or not though because I haven't actually seen the regular Christmas parade. The parade at the party had Mickey and Minnie first, toy soldiers, gingerbread men (they're my favorite), Goofy and his candy making machine, and of course SANTA at the end! Everyone should go to the party at least once!
    The castle lights were gorgeous and the lights at MGM were very cool! I would so love to see them again sometime! I did go to the Christmas Party, it was so much fun! I ate way to many cookies and drank too much hot chocolate! The parade was awesome and I even got my picture taken with Santa Claus!
    No, I've never gone at this time of year before so it's going to be a whole new experience for me! I went last Thanksgiving/Christmas and was able to see all of the Christmas decorations which were gorgeous! I've been many, many, many more times but it has always been in either January, February, March, or August. Have you ever been there around Halloween?
    Thanks for your comment it helped ease my anxiety about finding a job!

    How often do you go to WDW? I'm super excited, I get to go next month! Yay! (o:
    I'm a huge Dodge fan and there are no Dodges in the chase this year )o: so I don't know who I'll cheer for (probably for Kasey to win more races). Anyway, congratulations on your new job that's really exciting! I graduate from college next May for graphic/web design and I'm hoping I can find a good job, I totally stress about it all the time. Talk to you later!
    Night races are my favorite too and I'm also bummed that they didn't have the race at night, the whole outcome could've been different. I'm also kinda sad because Kasey didn't make the chase, stupid Clint Bowyer!
    Hi Goofy,
    Yes, I love NASCAR (Kasey Kahne#9). It sucks how Kyle has taken over and it does make it boring but I still have to watch Kasey! I went to 2 races this year Chicagoland which Kyle won and Michigan which Carl won. By the way, so sorry it took me so long to answer you. I haven't logged in for awhile!
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