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    Florida weather in Jan/Feb?

    I think it depends on where your coming from and your perspective on temperature. If you come from say Ontario Canada at 75 degree day is spring early summer and can be fine for swimming; if it drops lower it will Still be nicer than what your getting back home. To each their own.
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    October 1st

    If they were to go to a phased closure resort guests are the last ones they prevent from going in. With park reservations it seems almost impossible for them to hit capacity. From what I understand as long as you have a reservation you should be ok. But keep in mind park hopping starts at 2...
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    You're not a 'Disney World Veteran' until you've done the following...........

    Gets annoyed when people say they went to Florida and didn’t do Disney but did do Universal the one with Star Wars.
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    What keeps you coming back?

    For me it’s the memories coupled with the opportunity to create new memories with my kids. When illuminations closed I took a trip with the wife to watch the last performance and I felt like it was the closing of a chapter and I was done with Disney(for many reasons) but as my kids get older and...
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    Advice/experiences with 3 year old and 12 month old?

    One of the best trips we have ever made was with our 2 year old and 8month old. It was different and we got some good quality time together. The grassy spot in the hub was a perfect place to sit and have dinner and my son who was 8months decided to show us that he could roll over and started to...
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    Pop or Carribean Beach

    Valid but isn’t the water blocked off since the incident at MK a few years ago?
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    Pop or Carribean Beach

    For me CBR for the space, POP for the theming and it would depend on what you want to do. Having the beaches at CBR provides a relaxing time for the kids on the sand while you sit in a hammock.
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    Favor from Anyone at or Going to CBR

    Yea indeed. I’m in the GTA in Ontario.
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    Favor from Anyone at or Going to CBR

    Hi Everyone, I thought I would give an update! We are crossing things off the perpetual todo list. 1. Thanks to @castlecake2.0 I have a beautiful hammock picture. 2. Thanks to Westjet and their get back to Normal sale, I have flights booked at a great price. 3. I have a reservation at WDW at...
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    It’s A Small World future refurbishment

    I was originally going to say that it underwent a refurbishment recently but then I remembered it was 2005 for the DL 50th; as that was 16 years ago now, probably time for another refurb.
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    Memory Maker

    For me this is a great question - memory maker can be worth it if you take the time and wait for all the photographers in the areas that you want them. Are they everywhere, no. But, the price is worth it when they capture that priceless moment you can’t capture on your own. So do I think it’s...
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    Port Orleans Re-Opening

    That is great news!!
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    Resort housekeeping

    In the Disney book titled “Creating Magic” Lee mentions that it was apparently a mouse keeping team member who brought up the point about only changing sheets every 3-4 days. It has been in place for a very long time, but in a pre Covid era, if you asked for it to be done it would be.
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    Space 220

    I’m curious to try it and the concept is really cool, but I’m not sure if being in an enclosed room with only screens novelty will wear off over time.
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    Sebastian's Bistro to reopen at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

    Makes sense. Staffing can play a huge role in reopening and many businesses are finding it hard to find staff now.
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