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  1. GiveMeTheMusic

    Rumor JIM HILL: Ice Age Being Explored for DAK

    I heard that WDI is exploring a concept to retheme the Miss Tilly at Typhoon Lagoon to Titanic. All raft slides will have new rafts provided that look like floating doors. Cast Members dressed as Kate Winslet will push you down each one to your "death." Take it to the bank folks
  2. GiveMeTheMusic

    I hate to be the one to do this but.....about Paint the Night...

    DL is not on the table to my knowledge.
  3. GiveMeTheMusic

    I hate to be the one to do this but.....about Paint the Night...

    There are conflicting thoughts on PTN in TDA. To my knowledge, nothing has been finalized.
  4. GiveMeTheMusic

    News Disney Junior's Fancy Nancy coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Wow, communist much?? SJW alert!!! Don't tell me that my little son Craisin can enjoy anything starring a female lead! He's a man's man and only watches masculine programming like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  5. GiveMeTheMusic

    Some Questions About Our Disneyland Dining and Entertainment (including Fantasmic!)

    @Weather_Lady if you haven't seen it already, there's lots of good tips in our WDW veterans thread: https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/guide-to-dlr-for-wdw-veterans.875596/
  6. GiveMeTheMusic

    Some Questions About Our Disneyland Dining and Entertainment (including Fantasmic!)

    Fantasmic is better at DL. A dining package isn't required, especially if you're planning to see the second show of the night, but if you want front/center perfect viewing, the Blue Bayou package is the only way to fly. It saves you money on the actual cost of a three course Blue Bayou meal and...
  7. GiveMeTheMusic

    What becomes of Star Tours

    There's no logical reason for it to remain open. It's going to look like trash compared to SWGE. At this point the thought is that it could attract guests who will be shut out of SWGE due to capacity, but the long-term plan was never to keep both open concurrently. Why would you want an inferior...
  8. GiveMeTheMusic

    What becomes of Star Tours

    Star Tours is staying because Disney couldn't get it together to replace it in a timely fashion, not because there's some good reason to keep it running in the face of the stunning new attractions opening in SWGE across the park.
  9. GiveMeTheMusic

    Did the Madame Leota knockoff in Superstar Limo have an official name?

    It's obvious some of the same creative team worked on Sindbad's Storybook Voyage at Tokyo DisneySea as Superstar Limo, as many of the AAs are in a similar big-head style. What's incredible is that Sindbad is the best ride Disney has ever built anywhere do not @ me, and Superstar Limo was the...
  10. GiveMeTheMusic

    Who the HECK is Hondo?!?!?!

    riddle me this then, genuises https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3778644/
  11. GiveMeTheMusic

    Disney needs to ban Disney nerds from Disneyland!😡😡😡

    You wanna hear a joke? Walt Disney World.
  12. GiveMeTheMusic

    World Of Color Refurbishment

    Winter Dreams won’t be back. Season of Light is the holiday show now.
  13. GiveMeTheMusic

    World Of Color Refurbishment

    WOC is 9 years old. It's time for it to be creatively refreshed and what I'm trying to say is the whole show should be Moana now.
  14. GiveMeTheMusic

    Fantasyland Expansion: Beauty and the Beast or Frozen or Something Else?

    Not that I’m aware of. Nobody wants to be the one to propose ditching Storybookland; it’s beloved. And it’s not necessary. The FLT is giant and easily accessible from small world mall.
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