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  • :eek: :ROFLOL: I had soooooo many bad ideas for threads, but I wanted to be a good online citizen. :lol:

    Plus the Smackin' the Possum thread was already up and running. :lookaroun

    Have a great Tuesday.
    Been busy myself. I didn't read all the pads yesterday, but I did go to the "first kiss" thread after I saw you commented on it. I had the overwhelming urge to start a first HJ thread, but I was able to repress it.
    Hey, George... haven't spoken in a while... busy, busy, busy. :) Hope you have a great Monday.
    All good things must end. :( Hope you have a fantastic trip and safe travels back. :wave:
    Wow the Cubs came back to beat the Rockies!!! I thought that game was long gone after being down 8 runs....Five in a row...:sohappy::king:
    Movin' right along / in search of good times and good news / With good friends, you can't lose / This could become a habit.

    Have a wonderful trip! :wave:
    Ooooh... Indy :D I'd better pass though... that's a bit of a long drive. :lol: Have a great Thursday! :wave:
    Happy Tuesday, George! Hope you have a great day!

    PS, don't think I mentioned it, but yeah, a lotttt of those spot games were just guesses. Slightly educated guesses (the shadow of the base of the space needle, and I thought I could see the famous red brick walls at Wrigley Field), but guesses nonetheless!
    The final 3 sing tonight and the finale is next week. It is down to David Archuletta, David Cook and Syesha Mercado...I bet you can guess who I'm rooting for...:D
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