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    News Wishes to be replaced with new 'Happily Ever After' nighttime spectacular

    I am excited for this addition, I will miss Wishes as the show is one of my favorites. I have hope this will surpass Wishes in every way and doesn't rely solely on projections.
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    "Starbright Holidays" Drone show coming to Disney Springs

    I'm always excited to see new entertainment additions! Definitely innovative and should be enjoyable and beautiful. Hopefully it'll be running by the Thanksgiving weekend.
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    Jungle Book Show Dining Package?

    Thank you for your response! Unfortunately FP+ have run out for that day, so we will see how it goes.
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    Jungle Book Show Dining Package?

    Hello everyone! I have a quick question and where better to ask than on here. I had booked a dining reservation at Tusker House months ago for this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, will I automatically be entitled to the reserved seating for The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic show, or must the...
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    Resort Scents

    Just ordered my samples! Can't wait to smell them!
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    Drones may be used in Disney Parks in the future.

    Joe Rohde mentioned that the River of Lights nighttime show will see the spirit of animals brought to "light" by magical fireflies. Now I know there will be a series of projection and lighting on the ToL to create this, but I can't imagine them not using this technology to help create this...
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    Branching out! Not stepping down! NCL rocked our socks!

    I've been on the Getaway twice and we absolutely love it! Can't wait to try the Escape.
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    ABC Christmas Day Parade - 'Disney Parks Unforgettable Christmas Celebration' taping schedule

    Interesting! Previous years they would put up the tree after the filming. However, just as you said it shouldn't be so hard to disassemble and reassemble it overnight.
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    ABC Christmas Day Parade - 'Disney Parks Unforgettable Christmas Celebration' taping schedule

    They usually throw in a seasoned veteran amongst the pre-teens to show them how it's done. Like her or not, she is the undisputed Queen of Christmas.
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    ABC Christmas Day Parade - 'Disney Parks Unforgettable Christmas Celebration' taping schedule

    I hope it goes back to the parade format, but considering the tree is already up in Town Square and that is where they usually put the cameras and what not, it's very unlikely. Have any performers been announced? I am hoping we get A-list Christmas performers such as Mariah Carey and Michael...
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    This year's Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade will be based around 'Frozen'

    Mariah Carey should perform 'All I Want for Christmas is You' (especially it being the 20th anniversary of the song) and redeem herself for the Rockefeller performance. It's a well established fact that she can sing, she was just having an off night! *It will be kinda awkward if she performs and...
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    Online day ticket, Fastpass+

    Thank you so much! I have already set up the MDE profiles
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    Online day ticket, Fastpass+

    Hello all, My family and I will be having a quick reunion at the MK and we are staying offsite. We will be purchasing 1 day tickets online off the WDW website, but was wondering how we would be able to choose our FP+ selections when the 30 day window opens. Will Disney give us a code for each...
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    Festival of Fantasy Parade coming to Magic Kingdom in 2014

    Probably one of the best videos, I am glad to see the anchor in the Peter Pan float swinging, although it seems a little too mechanical!! The fairies seem to have their Segway too! :joyfull: However, the Princess Garden Float seemed to be having some issues, where the princesses weren't turning...
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