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  1. flyakite

    News New Signature Restaurant for Japan Pavilion - Takumi-Tei

    The price did not surprise me considering I just took my husband to a small Japanese restaurant in Orlando named Kadence for his birthday for a multi-course meal that cost $190.00 per person, not including sake pairing. You have to buy nonrefundable "tickets" for your seat. It seems like this...
  2. flyakite

    News Ron Jon Surf Shop coming to Disney Springs

    For Florida, the original is Cocoa Beach. I’m originally from Indialantic. It didn’t start that big. It just kept growing. It’s not MTB (if you want some cute bikinis and unique surf ware, but tiny store), but for Brevard County lots of surf necessities.
  3. flyakite

    Wine Bar George opening in Disney Springs late 2017

    Here is a video blurb from Scott Joseph's website. He was there for the preview for invitees. https://www.scottjosephorlando.com/news/4341-first-look-wine-bar-george-at-disney-springs
  4. flyakite

    Solar power farm coming to Disney

    WDW is building a second solar farm reported by Orlando Sentinel: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/brinkmann-on-business/os-bz-disney-world-solar-farm-20180220-story.html
  5. flyakite

    Space Mountain Stars

    I hope they brought back the chocolate chip cookie asteroid ;)
  6. flyakite

    Neverland Tunnels in Disney Springs?

    I looked up a job listing at Patina's site and this is how they describe the "complex": "Four new concepts that will be connected as part of one large complex and will be introduced to Disney Springs in the Fall of 2017. Each of the concepts is housed in key locations that play an integral role...
  7. flyakite

    Neverland Tunnels in Disney Springs?

    I guess we will be hearing more about this......seems this will be the Tunnels. Here is the Orlando Weekly article: https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2017/08/16/new-italian-restaurant-maria-and-enzos-coming-to-disney-springs From the article: "A new Italian concept is coming to...
  8. flyakite

    Guardians of the Galaxy coming to Energy Pavilion at Epcot

    I miss Surprise in the Skies... those characters on those...what are they called...propeller seats! So fun to watch! Sorry off topic.
  9. flyakite

    Annual Pass Previews of Pandora - The World of Avatar beginning May 13

    Hello everyone! I am so eager to show up for my window. I picked a later one, hoping for a more stable presentation. So I am 3-5pm on Sunday, the 21st. Based on everyone else's experiences I expect CMs to let us in at 2pm. I'm thinking about showing up at 1pm. Do you think there will be a...
  10. flyakite

    The Edison--details announced

    I don't know if anyone else posted this, but there is a basic website now: https://www.theedisonfla.com/ Also, they have posted a listing looking for a General Manager. This line suggests that what we thought was Walt's may be just part of the Edison since it indicates that there are venues...
  11. flyakite

    Star Wars All-Inclusive "Star Ship" Resort?

    This interactive story concept reminds me of the Tomorrowland movie alternative reality game from 2013. It was like an online connection to non-movie characters that blended into a real life scavenger hunt in L.A. and Disneyland. After six weeks it ended with face-to face contact with a...
  12. flyakite

    WDI Layoffs

    Whatever the outcome ..... As crappy and scary as it may be. Hopefully Joe is calming us by saying he is fine .... “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they...
  13. flyakite

    PHOTOS - The Polite Pig coming to Disney Springs

    Both the Pig and C&L are fantastic restaurants. Check out the bio of the Petrakis spouse team. Solid training, experience and accolades. They also run Swine and Sons and are involved with a new concept in downtown Orlando called Dovecote. This should be a delicious restaurant.
  14. flyakite

    So What's The Mysterious "Third IP" Coming to DHS?

    Martin, I respect your need to protect your sources. No problem that you need to keep your cards close. However, as we have fun with speculation......has anyone learned about the history of the Wizard of Oz park in North Carolina? I spent a Sunday researching online after a blurb in the...
  15. flyakite

    Disney Springs Tenant Map

    Heard the name will be The Polite Pig.
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