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  1. Figaro

    Big 2 Year Old Girl and Turnstiles

    I wouldn't worry about it. We've never had a problem with our DS who is very tall for his age too. He's 42" and almost 4. When we went last time, right before his 3rd birthday, no one questioned us at all. It was a great trip, he was able to go on most of the big thrill rides and we didn't...
  2. Figaro

    This Hotel!

    If it's the same building I am thinking of, I think it was supposed to be condos at one time. I don't think it was ever opened. I'm sure someone here knows! :)
  3. Figaro

    Accident at Disneyland (CA)

    I guess in this case the man will be declared dead on Disney property considering his body is still there. The whole thing is so tragic :( FROM CNN.COM: ANAHEIM, California (AP) -- -- A locomotive broke loose from a train on Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster...
  4. Figaro

    How does the DVC work?

    You decide how many points you think you will need. Like DisneyPhD said the minimium is 150 points if you purchase through Disney Vacation CLub. (You can get less points if you go the resale route) You can also add on more points at a later date if you find you need more and if they are...
  5. Figaro

    How does the DVC work?

    I don't think anyone mentioned this, but you do have to pay maintanence fees/dues every year. The fees are based on how many points you own. We are brand new DVC members, so I am not writing this to discourage anyone. I just think you need to be aware that it is not just the initial payment...
  6. Figaro

    Beachcluber's August 23-30th Update

    Thanks for the update!
  7. Figaro

    Bus Safety and Preschoolers

    We hold our DS on one of our laps. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way. He was sitting by himself when the bus came to a quick stop and he flew off the seat into the seat in front of him. BTW, the do have junior bus driver licenses, you just have to ask! :)
  8. Figaro

    AP Rates!!

    Thanks for the laugh! :) I needed it after reading some of these depressing posts about no discounts!
  9. Figaro

    Philharmagic on WDW website/Wallpaper Download available

    Thanks! We can't wait for this to open!
  10. Figaro

    Thought you should know!!!

    Thank you! :)
  11. Figaro

    DCL with small children?

    We're going in late September on the 4 night with our DS, almost 4. We wanted to wait until he was potty trained so he could go to the clubs. We also are doing the 4 night for a "trial run" to see how he would do on the 7. From what I understand, DCL is very kids friendly, even with the...
  12. Figaro

    Annual Passholder Lounges ARE RETURNING!!!

    Welcome wdwhoneymooner! The really sad part about that was it wasn't college kids! It was an adult man watching the college games. His own kids were running all over the lounge with no one watching them. I really like the whole idea of the lounges, we'll just be more careful in choosing...
  13. Figaro

    Annual Passholder Lounges ARE RETURNING!!!

    Thanks for the update! Are they going to be located at the same places? Quite hoenstly, we had a horrible experience in the EPCOT one. The place was a disgusting mess, there were alot of people all over and the people that were there were rude. I felt so bad for the CM's that day, they...
  14. Figaro

    AP Tracking?

    I also can never get through with my AP. The finger scanner never works for me, but works for DH every time. I've been asked for ID sporadically.
  15. Figaro

    Meeting Bear

    No, sorry Bear doesn't do meet and greets. My DS was really disappointed with that also. We have met him at the Bronx Zoo when he was there for Boo at the Zoo 2 yrs in a row. It was the actual actor inside too. He was talking and interacting with the kids.
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