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Recent content by everest-dude

  1. everest-dude

    Any Updates on Test Track Redo?

    Man I hope and pray WDW gets RSR. It looks to be one of the best rides WDI has put out in a while. The Dark Ride portion looks INCREDIBLE!
  2. everest-dude

    Changes to Spaceship Earth Descent.

    You can burn me at the stake for this but the descent of spaceship earth really isn't that bad. There are other things in my opinion that should be fixed way before the descent does. cough WOL cough...........
  3. everest-dude

    Hanging with my bros playing some N64

    Hanging with my bros playing some N64
  4. everest-dude

    NYT: "Universal....Takes Aim at Disney"

    I'm a few time poster but a long time reader of these forums. for years the only theme park resort i have ever wanted to visit was WDW. But now with all the new offerings I find myself (and my wallet) wanting so much more to visit Uni and DL because to me it is clear where the money is being...
  5. everest-dude

    VIDEO - Barnstormer testing

    What are the chances of this phase of the expansion being open in two weeks. My trip is Feb 17th through the 23rd and i would love to see it!
  6. everest-dude

    Should Disney make a Phineas & Ferb attraction in HWS?

    Perry in the WS would make as much sense as Kim Possible does. At least Perry and Phineas and Ferb would be a relevant Disney Franchise. Kim Possible doesn't even come on T.V. anymore, while Phineas and Ferb is arguably the most successful Disney show on T.V. right now.
  7. everest-dude

    Interactive cakes coming to a park near you?

    if you put it into those terms then you are right... didnt really think of it that way hahaha
  8. everest-dude

    I don't know what to do!!! Poly or WL???

    Poly... much less isolated
  9. everest-dude

    Swan and Dolphin

    thanks for your help you run a fantastic website!
  10. everest-dude

    Swan and Dolphin

    the swan and dolphin are cheap and nice but my question is do these resorts offer EMH?
  11. everest-dude

    Dolphin or Wilderness Lodger/or AKL

    does the swan or dolphin offer EMH?
  12. everest-dude

    Burbank....we have a problem!

    funniest part is that the IoA ride has absolutely no theme in my eyes... HP gives it a little more but the actual ride itself is just over a nasty, overgrown, ditch
  13. everest-dude

    Burbank....we have a problem!

    dueling dragons was originally designed for beastly kingdom... or at least the concept was... when the project was scrapped the imagineers were "let go" and soon hired by uni to help design IOA
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