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  • Yeah, I was getting pretty down at all the cool things I can't have, but then that settled into "I'm tired of complaining, I'll get that stuff eventually. There are always Birthdays"

    Yep, that was a ton of fun. Need to do it again sometime! :sohappy:
    Hey..Just wanted to say hi and hope you guys are doing okay..I saw that you two have been sick and I hope you both are feeling better..:)

    Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and hoping all is going great for you!


    You have been forked.:D

    I am not the first to pass this way...nor shall I be the last...:lol:
    Happy Birthday! I look forward to coming down and hanging with you guys sometime soon!
    Hey Shannon. Happy early birthday. Where ya been? Epcot threads are not the same without you.
    I am extremely excited. I havent had a vacation in 14 months so I am due to enjoy myself right? Text me soon and let me know what you are doing for that time frame. I am looking forward to meeting you guys!
    Not really, sorry. :eek:
    I think that I know, but I'm not sure exactly. Can you PM me? :)
    BTW what is this about facebook and I am not included?lol Same with like Myspace? I have both!
    Well I will be in florida the 28th but not til later.My flight arrives around 730pm and I will probably not be outta the airport til 830 or so. I am going to be in Florida til the 11th of March and I am hoping to get a 4 or 5 day pass to the parks.If you are in the area I would love to meet up with you at Epcot one day! How have you been?It seems like forever since we talked!
    I specifically saved my PTO for taking this much time off.I only have to use like 7 days though with the way I have it planned out.I get weekends off from work so that helps extend things.i am so ready to hit Epcot,MK,and the Mini golf!
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