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  1. Epcot is my fav

    ADR help for October

    We picked Sci-fi for the kids. We went to Brown Derby and 50's on our last trip.
  2. Epcot is my fav

    ADR help for October

    Anyone been to the Grand Floridian Cafe?
  3. Epcot is my fav

    ADR help for October

    I am debating between The Plaza and/ or possibly just banking the table service to use at another place. I do not want to have to drag 4 kids to the Wilderness Lodge and back. I would love to go back to Whispering Canyon I just do not think its worth the boat ride and time. Not sure yet.
  4. Epcot is my fav

    ADR help for October

    We ate at Kona last week so we wanted to try something else. Is Chef Mickey's just breakfast??
  5. Epcot is my fav

    ADR help for October

    Hey guys! I just came back from the World last week and now I am planning a trip for Columbus day weekend for 4 nights. I am travelling with my gfs family and her 4 cousins are coming (ages 12, 9, 9, 7). Our party makes 8 which makes it tricky to go to places everyone wants to eat at. We are on...
  6. Epcot is my fav

    Test Track vs RSR

    When does Test Track 2.0 open?
  7. Epcot is my fav

    ADR Options

    I plan on visiting Epcot in July and I will be arriving with a very picky group of eaters. I am looking for somewhere to make a lunch reservation that will satisfy everyone. The other couple going with us do not eat meat and this is their first time at Epcot. My gf and I ate at Le Cellier last...
  8. Epcot is my fav

    What is your Highest Score Ever

    Buzz- 999,999 always TSM- 214,890
  9. Epcot is my fav

    Worst show in all 4 parks GAME (part 1)

    MK- Hall of Presidents Epcot-Mo'Rockin' (they are SO LOUD) HS- L!M!A! Extreme Stunt Show AK- Flights of Wonder (I am scared of birds lol)
  10. Epcot is my fav

    What is the best ride/attraction in the world? (even non-Disney)

    My Top 5: 1. The Haunted Mansion 2. Tower of Terror 3. PotC 4. Toy Story Mania 5. Spiderman
  11. Epcot is my fav

    Adr help

    Made my reservations thanks for all that helped!!!
  12. Epcot is my fav

    Adr help

    It is a spur of the moment trip to be honest. I usually make my adrs way in advance but this trip just came up. I looked there are still times available so I am not that worried.
  13. Epcot is my fav

    Adr help

    Yeah we want to do one character dining but I cant decide which one. There are three boys and a girl, all first timers.
  14. Epcot is my fav

    Restaurant Choices

    Brown Derby is great!
  15. Epcot is my fav

    Adr help

    4 Adults and 4 Children (11,8,8,6).
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