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    Adventureland Eggroll Cart

    I've never eaten them but they sound delicious. I hope they are there in September also, so I can try them.
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    Purchasing an annual pass quesiton

    My daughter did the college program at WDW also. I bought an AP as soon as I found out. It starts the first day you use it and not when you buy it. She then went on to do the college program at DL right after graduation. I didn't buy an AP for DL since I couldn't get out there to see her as...
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    "Why Walt Disney World's Tower Of Terror Could Be In Trouble Because Of The New Twilight Zone"

    I didn't mean that Disney made that decision, I meant that is what I think is the reason.
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    Weirdest thing to happen to you in the parks.

    The last time I went to WDW in Sept. 2018, I ran into 3 of my former students. I haven't taught school in 4 years so I hadn't taught these students in 7 or 8 years. They all came up to say hello. It made me feel really good that they didn't ignore me completely. We live in north Alabama so we're...
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    The Good Place (SPOILERS)

    I love this show! They through curve balls at us on every episode and the finale was no different. The only thing I'm worried about is that Chidi may end up with Simone after all.
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    So. What ruins this painting more?

    Tinkerbell ruins it for me. At least the tombstones are actually there but Tinkerbell has no business being at EPCOT
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    "Why Walt Disney World's Tower Of Terror Could Be In Trouble Because Of The New Twilight Zone"

    The conversion of ToT to Guardians in DL is amazing. ToT at HS is my favorite ride at WDW but when I rode Guardians at DL for the first time, I actually liked it better than ToT. I don't mind the exterior transformation since it is not seen from the "old Hollywood" scenery. I don't think...
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    Mermaid Analysis

    Great post! It was very well thought out and you basically said everything I was thinking. There was so much potential with this ride and it was quite the letdown. I believe that there was so much put into the exterior and queue and the ride itself feels rushed to completion. The deadline to...
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    Hello Disney fans!

    HI everyone, I am an obsessed Disney fan since going to WDW in 1971. Since walking down Main Street I told my mom that I would work there one day. I am still working on that dream and hopefully it will happen before I retire. I have 5 grown kids with my middle child doing the college program at...
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