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  1. DreamalittleDisney

    Oh no ... there will be no space in Galaxys Edge!

    Anyone else seen this hoping it's a joke - tried to post in the 2019 stroller size rules but it's been closed. Wonder what the dimensions are...
  2. DreamalittleDisney

    Any happy hour deals at Disney Springs?

    Another vote for House of Blues .... love a few hours sat there with the live music
  3. DreamalittleDisney

    Disney Should NOT allow kids on shoulders during fireworks

    I lifted my 5 to last year and sat him on my hip making him head height with me (5ft7) husband did the same (6ft1) so no more over blocked than there would have been but otherwise he would have got a butt view due to the crammed in like sardines fun of MK fireworks. There is no way I would...
  4. DreamalittleDisney

    What to collect, now?

    Just need to remember a lot of these machines seem to take cards now not coins
  5. DreamalittleDisney

    Quick Question | Why did sooo many people flock to Pandora everyday?

    Probably in the minority but I found the layout of the land confusing there fidnt seem a very good flow for people to walk around. Did FOP is Oct18 thought it was amazing but due to above walked in, got green beer, rode FOP and then left Haven't done river journey planning on doing that in May2020
  6. DreamalittleDisney

    Is it worth shipping food staples to a resort?

    We use garden grocer for things like some cereal bars, packs of water and some beers for around the pool - its saves us some money and saves us wasting valuable park time going to a Walmart
  7. DreamalittleDisney

    News Disney to offer discount on new MagicBand designs as an optional alternative to complimentary solid color MagicBands

    I've just looked at the site (via UK & then USA link) and they dont have any if the premium ones now left to choose just the plain colours again.
  8. DreamalittleDisney

    Can anyone currently in Disney do me a little favor?

    Download the Disneyworld app. It shows you the item, price and where its in stock in the world. See below shots of baby Figaro
  9. DreamalittleDisney

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    1 year to go!!!
  10. DreamalittleDisney

    PHOTOS - Designer Mouse Ears coming to Walt Disney World later this month

    If the standard ones are pretty much $30 how much are these going to be very earspensive I would have thought!
  11. DreamalittleDisney

    Best place to get a steak.

    Never done celier but did yachtsman for thr first time.in October last year and it's on our book again list for May2020
  12. DreamalittleDisney

    Heat and humidity tips

    We got a Disney water mist one for about $20 is 2016 it managed a 10day trip with a 3n5 year old using and went with us for another 10days last year and survived.. foam fan pieces are now a little misshapen but dont feel ripped off after 2 trips and the mist feature helped cool quickly
  13. DreamalittleDisney

    Things to buy before visiting

    UK traveller here ... homebargains is usually the answer for a lot of our little extras... Ziplock bags great for everything mentioned above Ponchos.. can save you $$$ one rainy day and take up no room in your bag Mini first aid kit .. they do really small ones has some plasters in, wipes...
  14. DreamalittleDisney

    Breakfast recommendations?

    TS breakfast has to be Tusker House for us: 1. Great variety of food 2. Meet characters 3. Atmosphere 4. If get early reservation can get pic in the front of tree of life with minimal crowds 5. Again with early res finish breakfast stroll straight into Kilimanjaro Safaris and it's not too hot...
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