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  1. DreamalittleDisney

    Grocery Delivery Recommendation

    Garden grocer used them the past 2 trips and will be again in May2020. Get a discount on booking in advance
  2. DreamalittleDisney

    Pressed pennies

    Yeah we were disappointed how may were card machines now
  3. DreamalittleDisney

    Proof of Age

    Passport has always done me
  4. DreamalittleDisney

    Quick service dining - best way to use

    You said there are 4 of you .. do you are have large appetites or are some kids? Some of the adult QS meals me and my 6yo old can share and still have plenty. Doing a little research online can stretch the credits example of blaze pizza .. we order using 2 QS credits and then just buy another...
  5. DreamalittleDisney

    Craziest thing you've done in the name of planning

    Same as you dining always takes me the longest! Then you gets your ADRs and all is good until you cant get the matching FPs then the fun begins again !!
  6. DreamalittleDisney

    New CM Uniforms across HS

    Imagine what TOT would look like with the standard uniform! 🙄
  7. DreamalittleDisney

    Cell phones on rides (rant)

    I get this! My first trip with my little one I have everything documented in video and photos but second trip with him I thought back and realised I'd missed certain bits like watching his face during certain magical moment because I was trying to take a good shot! Felt pretty cr*happy about it...
  8. DreamalittleDisney

    Wilderness Lodge Pools Question

    Yup all above correct. We used the Boulder Ridge pool on our last day as it has really really nice showers and changing area so we could freshen up before our flight at we flew much later than checkout and was much quieter than main pool ... win win!
  9. DreamalittleDisney

    What is something you ALWAYS do in Magic Kingdom?

    I know it's super sad but first time see the castle each trip .... cry.. just a few happy little tears 😂 not full on ugly cry I do that at HEA
  10. DreamalittleDisney

    Oh no ... there will be no space in Galaxys Edge!

    Anyone else seen this hoping it's a joke - tried to post in the 2019 stroller size rules but it's been closed. Wonder what the dimensions are...
  11. DreamalittleDisney

    Any happy hour deals at Disney Springs?

    Another vote for House of Blues .... love a few hours sat there with the live music
  12. DreamalittleDisney

    Disney Should NOT allow kids on shoulders during fireworks

    I lifted my 5 to last year and sat him on my hip making him head height with me (5ft7) husband did the same (6ft1) so no more over blocked than there would have been but otherwise he would have got a butt view due to the crammed in like sardines fun of MK fireworks. There is no way I would...
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