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  1. DreamalittleDisney

    Walt Disney World 2022 packages now available for booking

    Estimates in DDP returning ? Is this a sign of max pass coming keeping park reservations or just bring covid cautious ?
  2. DreamalittleDisney

    When Did WDW Become An Extended Vacation Destination?

    Whenever you have to fly from the UK 🤣
  3. DreamalittleDisney

    UK's largest air carrier to Orlando offering free COVID-19 insurance

    Rumor is theyve pushed back planned operation of flights to MCO from Heathrow until the end of October now. I'm due to fly out of Manchester to MCO ON 15th of Oct I was told a week ago by a telephone agent for VA that my flight would be cancelled. I advised them that I had to pay the balance of...
  4. DreamalittleDisney

    Who is going to WDW?

    Just still hoping we can fly into the country for our trip in October ...of we can fly without a quarantine we are coming
  5. DreamalittleDisney

    Who is going to WDW?

    When your borders reopen 🤣
  6. DreamalittleDisney

    News Disney Park Pass System announced for Walt Disney World theme park reservations

    I've got a 14 day trip in Oct for myself, husband and son (on one booking) then my parents at the same time (on a separate booking) we are already linked as friends in MDE .. Will I be able to book park hours for us as a group like I could before with FP?
  7. DreamalittleDisney

    News Disney Park Pass System announced for Walt Disney World theme park reservations

    Thanks going to spend today replanning based on this 😁 wonder if Uk guests see any discount back based on the fact no hopping and potentially no water parks
  8. DreamalittleDisney

    News Disney Park Pass System announced for Walt Disney World theme park reservations

    Hmm so wonder if you can return to your chosen park later in the day say if you want to go back the resort half way through?
  9. DreamalittleDisney

    Disney Springs testing new no-stop security scanner for new entry screening when the parks reopen

    Wonder if they will flag an 'extendable' camera or phone stick.... .. also wonder how useful the facial recognition will be with face coverings?
  10. DreamalittleDisney

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    this is the most recent info given to UK guests booked in for 2020
  11. DreamalittleDisney

    Disney dining reservations canceled until the end of the year..

    That's it all of mine are now wiped clean ... what's people thoughts on the refillable mugs seen some that think they may not return for a while to try snd reduce touch points... Apparently wine bar George have a cup that you can get cheaper refills bit atm you take your cup to get the price the...
  12. DreamalittleDisney

    WDW 50th crazy??

    Second half of October is becoming really popular with UK visitors.. lots of trips from here are being postponed until next year already ... not sure how many of them will actually realise its the 50th as well though...
  13. DreamalittleDisney


    Us too... so much could still change for us yet
  14. DreamalittleDisney

    News Walt Disney World's COVID-19 reopening plans announced - July 11

    Heard on Tim Trackers latest video that it was implied to him on call from Disbey that they would be changing this so that all guests could use a direct charge with a a magic band method
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