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    News New Caribbean Beach Resort table service restaurant announced - Sebastian's Bistro

    I agree with PP on theme. But people want characters. Wonder of crab will be on the menu?
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    Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid closing for month long refurbishment Feb 2-Mar 6

    Attractions are not built from the beginning of the ride until the end. The ending (or lack thereof), is not from running out of money. It was a conscious design choice.
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    2014 Epcot Food and Wine Festival

    Are they doing reserved eat to the beat and illuminations for chase card holders this year?
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    I:RoE globe was down

    I have no problem seeing the images? Maybe try a different viewing location?
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    I:RoE globe was down

    The globe screens were upgraded a few years ago. The show is perfect for EPCOT and I for one hope it never goes away. We go on!!
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    The 2014 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival starts earlier this year for extended run

    I think adding another week will help spread the crowds. I haven't witnessed the drunk behavior either and we go every year. The weekends can be just as fun too. Its a fun atmosphere but I go with the expectation that it will be packed. I've met many nice people sharing a table around the...
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    Ziti Sisters in Italy closing this month

    I didn't think they fit either compared to some of the more authentic entertainment. Not that Elsa and Anna are authentic Norwegian entertainment either . . .
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    Disney is going to scale back the Polynesian DVC plans in a big way.

    I got a letter from Disney saying that sunset point and some of the surrounding beach area would be closed during my upcoming stay (last week of October).
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    myMagic+ Upcoming Test(s)

    So we have CM friends with main gate passes. I also have a park hopper that i linked to my MDE . If our friends get us into the park so we don't burn a day on our pass will we lose ability to use our FP+ selections?
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    myMagic+ Upcoming Test(s)

    Booked all my FP this morning (60 day mark, Poly). Got everything I wanted and was able to adjust to the times that I wanted. ROE (between the tower shops) was offered on Saturday and Sunday, not Monday - Wednesday of my trip as was noted by some. If you have any questions about my experience...
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    myMagic+ Upcoming Test(s)

    Was able to customize my magic band today. 63 days out. No FP+ yet. Assuming that will be at 60.
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    myMagic+ Upcoming Test(s)

    How many days prior to arrival can you book?
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    myMagic+ Upcoming Test(s)

    This was different today then prior days when it wouldn't even show that screen were you could select days, so that's why I thought something had changed. I had also read on here that not everyone has received an invite. Our travel companions are arriving one day before us and were able to...
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    myMagic+ Upcoming Test(s)

    Staying at Poly Oct 26 - Oct 30. Today it let me start the process of selecting who I wanted to make FP+ selections for and then I got a message that said: We're Sorry! close The selected date must be within at least one party member's FastPass+ selection window. Wonder if I just haven't...
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