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    Disney's Streaming Services: Disney+ (and Hulu, ESPN+, Star, & hotstar)

    Anyone able to read between the lines from the call on a possible launch date?
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    DHS Christmas bush light 2018

    Did you ever figure out what these lights were?
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    Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom

    We were at Disney World, specifically Magic Kingdom last year on Christmas Day. We got there fairly earlier in the morning. Not exactly rope drop but earlier enough. We were staying at the Contemporary so the walk made it easy. On the walk over it was exciting to think that hey, we’re going to...
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    Disney Paint

    Speaking of Go Away Green paint. Does anyone know the mix or number, brand. I need to hide somethings in our landscaping and that green is perfect.
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    Help with Ideas for my Theme Park class at MIT!

    Look into the projection mapping Disney uses on the castle, Chinese theater and with other shows. The programming and design i think would be fascinating to high schoolers. Many of which probably already know how to program.
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    Body Found in Burning Car near Fantasia Mini-Golf (Epcot Resort Area)

    What specifics changed, other than the nice facelift, from downtown Disney to Disney Springs in way of managing the riff-raff? I’ve always been interested in development standards to help manage crowd control and safety.
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    Will Soft 'Solo' Box Office Cause Disney to Rethink 'Star Wars' Strategy?

    Good points. I look at the franchise as a whole. Similar to when you buy an album—there’s always a couple of songs that don’t have the impact like the others, but you still buy the whole album. Or at least you use to before digital allowed you to preview and pick the best from the album. I see...
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    Time between moves

    Thanks for the info. We thought about the Starwood props. Didn't know about the BW in DS. In the past we've stayed at Contemporary but that doesn't fit a quick impromptu trip. Thanks for the tip!
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    Will Soft 'Solo' Box Office Cause Disney to Rethink 'Star Wars' Strategy?

    Don’t believe the negative hype Disney. Solo is still the best Memorial Weekend opening in 4 years in terms of box office. I think we knew that with Avengers opening two weeks early, there might be some movie fatigue. To me, it’s not a flop. Maybe by some estimates has it fallen short but I...
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    What are your favorite sounds at Disney?

    It will forever be the sound of It’s A Small World upon entering the tunnel and into the first room on the ride. 🎶
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    Time between moves

    Just to follow up on this, has anyone had an experience in creating a last minute Disney trip? As in, 3 weeks last minute? While I realize things are pretty much booked up, I wasn’t sure if last minute style could take advantage of cancellations, etc.
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    Time between moves

    Thanks. I had thought of that but wasn’t sure if VRBO is a hit or miss. I’ve never used that service before so I was a little skeptical. No one wants to get bamboozled especially in a high vacation spot like Orlando area. Have you use VRBO for around Disney?
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    Time between moves

    Hi all...we are closing on a house in June (not in FL) and we likely won’t be able to get in to our new home (also not in FL) for 2 or 3 weeks. So we were thinking of hitting Disney again as a stop gap between homes. I can work remotely and the kids will be out of school. We are looking for a...
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