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  1. dm11

    New Harry Potter Coaster Confirmed for 2019 (Dragon's Challenge Closing Sept 4th)

    I think the whole discussion has went off a bit too much to equating "new/innovative" with"E-ticket", "quality", "interesting", etc. While it's always nice to have a ride that comes with some sort of a breakthrough, that is by no means pre-requisite for it being a good, quality, even E-ticket...
  2. dm11

    New Harry Potter Coaster Confirmed for 2019 (Dragon's Challenge Closing Sept 4th)

    I know this is planned for next year but do we have more specific plan? Like, spring / summer / fall?
  3. dm11

    New Harry Potter Coaster Confirmed for 2019 (Dragon's Challenge Closing Sept 4th)

    It's interesting how different folks perceive "thrill". Although I really like all 3 rides, I find The Mummy the most thrilling of the 3 by far. Not even close. I actually don't even consider Forbidden Journey a thrill ride :). But I do not like inversions or loops and The Mummy is about as...
  4. dm11

    Does it make sense to do 1 full day at each park or split them up?

    I assume you have already bought the tickets? You have to pay extra for park hopping and so far in your plan there is only one day you seem to plan to do so. I personally don't think it's worth it. I believe (and it is really just my opinion, not a fact) that park hopper tickets (splitting day...
  5. dm11

    Quick FP Question

    Does the same apply for off-site guests but only 30 days in advance? I mean, do the off-site guests get the 30 days for the first day and then plus whatever the number of days they have on ticket or it is rolling each day? (thinking of doing off-site this time around, never done it before)
  6. dm11

    1 or 2 days?

    Last time we went my kids were 10 & 8 and they loved Universal, probably more than any WDW park except Magic Kingdom. With only 2 days I would probably pick MK one day and the two-park UNI ticket the other. If you can swing for Express Pass at UNI you can do a lot in one day.
  7. dm11

    My March Disney World 2018 Itinerary - Looking for critiques and advice!

    Magic Kingdom - Saturday, March 17th no Extra Magic Hours today * Pirates of the Caribbean are actually closed for refurb until Mar 19. I would substitute Splash Mountain into rope drop (btw, I would do that even if Pirates were open). * My preference is to do both mountains on that side (Splash...
  8. dm11

    5 Day Touring Plan? Extra Magic Hours? 1/29-2/3....Girlfriend's First Trip

    I always check Crowd Calendar at Touring Plans (https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/crowd-calendar), I find it great help and as accurate as it gets. Without subscription you can't see the full calendar for next 30 days but it can give you an idea what to expect. Looks like most days you...
  9. dm11

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I think they are partially fixing the problem, even though it's mostly replacement. What was there before was not getting anywhere close to its theoretical hourly capacity (looking at you Backlot Tour and GMR) and/or was not consistently running (LMA). 5 new rides will add used capacity even...
  10. dm11

    So arriving at Universal/IOA for early park hours...

    I struggled with that too - it was well hidden when I found it the first time and since then I bookmarked it :) They've changed their site since so it's perhaps easier to find but I don't really know.
  11. dm11

    So arriving at Universal/IOA for early park hours...

    You can check which parks are open early here: https://www.universalorlando.com/web/en/us/early-park-admission/index.html
  12. dm11

    Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    The difference with Avatar is that AK did not have tiers until Pandora opened. They simply created a tier with two new rides. I think it is more likely they'll split the rides here: Slinky goes to the tier 1 and attraction which you can't use abbreviation for in polite company goes to tier 2...
  13. dm11

    Is the Express Pass worth it?

    I would also suggest TouringPlans (https://touringplans.com) touring plan feature :). It really gives you an idea of wait times and how to optimize time in parks. I have used it extensively and find it really helpful. Out of curiosity, I created a couple of plans for USF for your date with a...
  14. dm11

    Is the Express Pass worth it?

    According to the TouringPlans site, both parks crowd levels will be 10 out of 10 on that day - not surprising considering it's between Christmas and New Year. My guess is that Express Pass will be immense help. You are probably right that a lot of people will be using it and there will be...
  15. dm11

    Rumor Is Indiana Jones Planning an Adventure to Disney's Animal Kingdom?

    Absolutely agree that there's little thematic fit difference between Everest ride and Indy. Although I've never thought of Everest in those terms before - I guess quality attractions help. However, I really hope they do not put snake exhibits in Indy's queue. I simply have phobia of these...
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