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  1. diznyboyz

    How Many Days for You? Part 11

    :) 49 days to go. Happy Easter everyone.
  2. diznyboyz

    October... not anymore!

    We used to go in February, switche to May. But my husband and I (NO KIDS!) are goin February 18th thru Feb. 23rd.
  3. diznyboyz

    Never Have I Ever....WDW edition

    Don't! This past May, my ten year old son (as his birthday was on that day) made a request that we all experience Expedition Everest. Not for me. However, I have never done an adult only trip to Disney. However I scheduled just that yesterday for next February.
  4. diznyboyz

    Mickey Waffles

    Yeah, you could. But it wouldn't be the same, ya know.....
  5. diznyboyz

    OMG - Disney World Here I Come - Again

    I would call Disney reservations directly. Talking to an actual cast member might give you a different outcome.... good luck. I have a conference in Orlando in February of next year! Have fun working!
  6. diznyboyz


    Having an 18 year old autistic son who is obsessed with Disney. And with autism, there is routine. Our first day is always Magic Kingdom. Breakfast is usually at resort but we have done Chef Mickey's one year..... Enjoy no matter what your plans are! Make wonderful Disney memories!
  7. diznyboyz

    Favorite shoe choice for the parks?

    Yep. Meant moleskin. (autocorrect).
  8. diznyboyz

    Favorite shoe choice for the parks?

    Oops! moleskin. Yep gotta love that auto correct. Sorry guys....
  9. diznyboyz

    Favorite shoe choice for the parks?

    If you do sandals I have worn Keen. Expensive but worth it. Waterproof too. But favorite socks and New Balance with molesting as a back up.
  10. diznyboyz

    looking over my packing list !!!!

    Like DisneyShe posted, I don't go to Disney without moleskin! Just keep in mind you forget anything most gift shops will be able to accommodate you unless it is prescription medication. Just don't forget to have fun and bring back many wonderful memories to cherish with your husband and child...
  11. diznyboyz

    Happy Birthday to ME - Disney World Here I come

    Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all out there! Also wishing my sister and her family a Happy First Disney Trip. They leave in a couple of hours for their drive to the happiest place on earth. May you all make many wonderful memories. Life is too short to not go to Disney!
  12. diznyboyz

    How Many Days for you Part 10

  13. diznyboyz

    Your spot to stop and reflect "I just love WDW"

    Standing with my three sons (oldest son, 17, autistic and lives everyday for his annual Disney trip) and my husband looking down Main Street to Cinderella Castle listening to Wishes and watching fireworks. I always tear up and hug my kids. Cherish every Disney minute with your family because...
  14. diznyboyz

    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster Grand Opening date set for May 28 2014

    We will be there from May 25 - May 30! I got fast passes too!
  15. diznyboyz

    Possible mine train opening?

    Us too.... May 25 - May 31......
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