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    I'm looking for particular audio from Epcot

    I also love that part. Back in the day before YouTube (GASP! can you imagine?!) I remember being on the Newnet IRC network in #disney-central I believe it was called (ran by popkid, BenJedi, and RU42 I believe) trying to find out from people what that song was. Sure is a lot easier to find that...
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    Tropical Storm ERIKA to bring possible severe weather to Central Florida early next week

    Really enjoy watching this video, very unique perspective. If you have any other videos to post from your hurricane experiences, please do share!
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    WDW Souvenirs You Want or Collect

    I'm trying to collect park maps from as many years and as many parks as possible. Right now, I'm focusing on EPCOT Center and MGM as those are my two personal favorite parks (and there's less years to collect)
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    Welcome to the all-new WDWMAGIC

    It is very difficult to differentiate between threads when viewing a board (node in XF) as the grey lines are very dim. I tried with both the 2015 and Dimmed style, and neither one feels right. Would it be possible to allow us to select the old style for those of us who preferred that one? I...
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    Tomorrow's Child

    ^ You mean EPCOT Center ;)
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    Goodbye, monorail drivers.......? Sorry if already posted.

    Is this Walt Disney World Monorail Standard Operational Procedure Guide 'Study Guide' of August, 1995. you reference available online? Would love to read an old monorail SOP as a monorail junkie :D
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    How to Mark All As Read?

    Thank you both!
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    How to Mark All As Read?

    Been poking around but can't find the solution for either a single board or for the entire forum. Also tried to check at the bottom of the page to see what forum software this was so I could check the manual myself, but no dice. Any help guys? :)
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    This new layout is TERRIBLE...

    Steve, not sure what OP doesn't like but here are my two issues: 1. I can't figure out how to quote you. I'm used to seeing the quote button next to your post (maybe it's somewhere else?) and 2. I don't care for this theme, the page looks too white now. I liked the blue color scheme and I...
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    Sentinel: Monorail crash: Disney did not follow manual

    I wonder if there's a way we could get our hands on the manual? :D
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    Lights, Motors, Action! accident yesterday.

    For all the guys who seem to know so much about how LMA works, how do you know about all of these procedures? Has anyone acquired a SOP for LMA?
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    Disney and JetBlue?!?!?

    When is this offer valid? We're planning on going in June and may apply this since we're gonna be taking JetBlue down
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