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    Might I request Fort Wilderness please? I loved the bus rides back at night with the slow soft music and insect combined.
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    Silent Thread

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    2017 Scrabble

    Meals Plop Pure Salt Spree
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    Do you like Tomorrowland Speedway/Autopia?

    Nope. Time for it to make way for at least two more attractions. IMHO
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    AVATAR land - the specifics

    If the Banshee becomes really popular do yall think any of the other animals will get the same treatment?
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    Most Relaxing Ride?

    WEDway People Mover hands down.
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    Mission:Space update (confirmed)

    The problem with Dinoland as I came to understand it is that they put in a cheap carnival because of budget cuts and then came up with a lame back story to "make it fit". And as always all IMHO.
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    PHOTOS - My Disney Experience Mobile Ordering is coming to Pandora in the Satu'li Canteen

    I am all for this food. It looks good, and I'm an adventures eater. But I can't help but wonder how many park goers will walk in here to order more Amarican fare and leave mad? I just wonder if the menu will change if enough people complain.
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    hoop-dee-doo VS mickeys backyard bbq

    Hoop Dee Doo for the win. Every time I have seen an actual pole done on HD vs. another dinner show, HD wins by a lot. Every time. Not to say some people don't hate it . Because, I have seen those posts too.
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    The Edison--details announced

    Still would rather have the Ink and Paint Club.
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    AVATAR land construction progress

    Saw on Facebook that Avatar 2 might be delayed. Any truth to this?
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    Which Disney resort has the best campfire?

    Fort Wilderness for sure. bring your own smores stuff if you can. It is way cheaper.
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    Roaches close Employee Cafeteria at Walt Disney World Swan

    I will forever call WDW Swan the Roach Motel.
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