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Disneyson 1
Last Activity:
Feb 10, 2012
Aug 14, 2008
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New York! W00T!

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Disneyson 1

New Member, from New York! W00T!

Disneyson 1 was last seen:
Feb 10, 2012
    1. ScorpionX
      It must ahve hurt when you got bopped on the head by Rafiki.
    2. Disneyson 1
      Disneyson 1
      Oh, I'm actually really happy that you accepted!
    3. WDW Vacationer
      WDW Vacationer
      Thanks for the friend request! I appreciate it!
    4. KingMickey
      Hey. Sorry about that. I was so relieved to have the world done, I immediately posted it. I edited so you're credited now.
    5. KingMickey
      Yes, I left you a PM.
    6. Disneyson 1
      Disneyson 1
      Thanks! Yours too. It definitely resembles your personality!
    7. KP25701
      I love your AVATAR
    8. EPCOT Explorer
      EPCOT Explorer
      Can't really tell you about the extent of my "connections" as you call them. Sorry.
    9. Disneyson 1
      Disneyson 1
      Can ANYONE believe Chrismas is ovah? I mean... ya know, right?
    10. EpcotServo
      And a Merffy Christmas to you too!
      :xmas: :wave:
    11. Disneyson 1
      Disneyson 1
      Thank you. I enjoy doing that.
    12. unkadug
      I enjoyed reading your favorites. :wave:

      It made me laugh. :lol:
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  • About

    New York! W00T!
    Favorite Park:
    That's kinda random... I guess l like the 100 acre wood park across from the Winnie the Pooh ride...
    Favorite Attraction:
    UNFAIR! That's like choosing between your babies!
    Favorite Parade:
    Right now they all shtink. To me.
    Favorite Firework Show:
    WAIT! I just realized the favorite park thingy! Give me another chance!
    Favorite Resort:
    I'll answer the other question here. My favorite fireworks show is Fantasmic!, & my favorite resort-
    Favorite Restaurant:
    Stupid word limitation. I like the coral reef, okay?!?
    Last Visit to WDW:
    This year during the return of Spectromagic after it's hiatus
    Favorite Character:
    Giselle from Enchanted! HAH! I win, stupid word box! TAKE THAT! W00T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Favorite Disney Movie:
    I like Alice in Wonderland. Oh, yeah! The other question! About the parks! Um.. my favorite park is-
    Number of WDW Trips:
    Counting cruises? Geez, this is hard... um... 9? 12? More than I can count?
    Out in paperback next january

    Isn't that kind of a silly question for a Disney fan site?