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  • YAY!
    Tomorrow's the big day!
    Travel safe and have a wonderful time!
    Leave some ice cream for me, okay?
    Hello Sweets!
    Thanks for your message.
    I miss talking with you more.
    Hope all is well!
    Sammie! OMG ! I love it!!!! Aw...good old Barney!!! :) He's my favorite, I think. Well, him and Robin...and Ted...and Marshall, and Lily...:lookaroun
    Seriously, I'm only about half-way into the first book... I'm honestly surprised at how much I'm enjoying it! It's so good! It does remind me a bit of DH and I when we first met... but I don't THINK he's a vampire... :lookaroun
    So... someone loaned DH the second book today on his lunch break. He said he almost cried a few hours after reading one part of it... He said he started thinking about me and him.

    Now I really have to read them to figure out what he's talking about...
    I've decided... I'm going to buy that book for DH. I think he'll like it! He's been talking about it for quite a while.

    Maybe he'll let me borrow it when he's done!

    Miss you sweetie! Oh! And you look beautiful in that picture up there!
    Aww, thanks Sam! My profile looks great now that he's on it. :D

    I hope you have a great weekend too!
    Oh yes! I am definitely a fan! You know, Lance and I almost got married once... :lookaroun
    :sohappy: You're a fan too?
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