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  1. DisneyLuver91

    Refunds or cancellations of Disney World Annual Passes

    Just called to cancel my pass as I live out of state and am not sure when I'll be able to go back. My rep said that they're not processing the refund until they have a reopen date, so essentially if they don't reopen until July or August, I won't get my money back until that time. Not a huge...
  2. DisneyLuver91

    Choosing a Moderate Resort

    I grew up going to the cabins so we are hoping to do those when my son is a bit older and I won't be stressed about him jumping off the rental cart :hilarious:
  3. DisneyLuver91

    Choosing a Moderate Resort

    So I'm a seasoned Disney traveler and am bringing my mother and 2 year old son this summer for a trip. We ALWAYS do a value resort, but we're looking to branch out into moderates. What would everyone here suggest as a moderate resort for us? We don't mind a walk to amenities, but don't want to...
  4. DisneyLuver91

    What's your Disney Decorating Style?

    I'm currently working on a very special themed nursery for my little man who will be arriving in four weeks, so once it's done, I will post pictures!
  5. DisneyLuver91

    The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter

    Nearly 13 years later.... Oh my god, I couldn't resist :hilarious:
  6. DisneyLuver91

    Would this Dress work for animal kingdom?

    This is a problem I have with when I wear dresses in the parks, but I SWEAT like crazy in the thigh area and end up with a lot of chafing and a solid rash. I've had to rent a wheelchair because I ended up with such a bad rash that I couldn't walk. Just keep your thighs dry if you end up with a...
  7. DisneyLuver91

    Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom

    I said MK. I loved the atmosphere and the entertainment and attractions at DL, but everything was SO close together. I am weird in that I like to have a little more breathing room. Although that is hard to find these days anywhere at WDW.
  8. DisneyLuver91

    Favorite Dining for 2 Adults

    DBF and I went to both Cafe Orleans in DLP and Wine Country Trattoria in DCA. Service at Cafe Orleans was not great. Server forgot to ring in our food (which I do sometimes as a server as well, but that doesn't make it okay) and the food itself wasn't spectacular when it did arrive. Wine...
  9. DisneyLuver91

    Cool Stuff Backstage as seen from Google

    I know this is like a year later, but the styracosaurus statue is behind KSR. When you go into the Safi River area, there is an access road to your left. That is where the trucks exit to return to the VM. I believe the statue was on the left, right before entering the gate to the road. This was...
  10. DisneyLuver91

    Haunted Mansion theory

    That is the ACTUAL reason you go backwards, but they altered the story to make sense of it.
  11. DisneyLuver91

    Haunted Mansion theory

    I took a tour of HM when I was a CP and the "official" story now is that the bride is on a murderous rampage, killing each husband for their wealth. If you look at the photos in the attic, the grooms get more and more rich and she kills them sooner and sooner after the wedding. The last one...
  12. DisneyLuver91

    Splash Mountain closing for annual refurbishment in January 2014

    I will be arriving at WDW on January 31st and staying through February 5! Soooooo happy I'll get to ride. :happy:
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