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    Dreaming of the next trip...☺️

    Dreaming of the next trip...☺️
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    A Step Closer To The Magic...

    Good for you! Get excited! The best part is the anticipation!:happy:
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    I called about Disney Dollars and was told 4 to 6 weeks??

    That's a really cool pic! I wanna get me some of these dollars just as souvenirs! :hungry:
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    Kilimanjaro Safari bridge question

    :confused: I agree with the other posters; it did it the first time but not the second time on our last visit. Hey, it's better than the worn out "Simba 1" lost elephant scenario.
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    Got a call from Disney today

    So, did they compensate you or reward you in some way for putting up with some inconveniences and still complimenting others?
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    Who thinks the Magic Kingdom should have been named Disneyland

    What's next? Disney Universe at the International Space Station? Travel provided by Virgin Galactic shuttle services. :confused:
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    Who thinks the Magic Kingdom should have been named Disneyland

    Not much odder than "Lands of Wonder" :D
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    Is the clock ticking on the Sorcerer Mickey Hat icon at the Studios? YES!

    Good riddance to the hat! Are they replacing it with anything?
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    Nanea Volcano feature pool at Disney's Polynesian Resort closing in August for extended refurb

    So....What will the new Poly pool be themed as? A dwarf volcano? Molten lava bubbling up from below creating a giant hot tub? Or boring rectangle? Anybody know? :confused:
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    First time going to Disney! thoughts on CR, Poly, or GF?

    We have 5 kids of various ages and have stayed at all 3 levels (Value, Moderate & Deluxe). Personally, with just a 4 year old you may want to stay at a Value or Moderate with a nice pool and exciting kid themes (eg. AOA, All-Star Movies). CR is not kid-themed and has a mediocre pool. The main...
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    Need help selecting resort

    We have stayed at All Star Music a couple of times and love it. We recently stayed in the Cars suite at AOA and were blown away. I highly recommend that, especially for your son!;)
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    Your ONE reason for loving WDW

    Besides being a kid again and forgetting the worries of everyday life, I just love seeing the joy on my kids' faces as they explore everything. Seeing the ones I love so happy and creating memories for a lifetime make it worth all the expense and planning!;)
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    So what has changed in the last 5 years?

    Good stuff already posted: Magic bands (great!) New FantasyLand (takes a while to see it all) AoA (awesome resort!) Anna & Elsa :banghead: (not worth the 3 hr+ wait!) Higher prices :mad: My Disney Experience :happy: online FP :cautious: SDMT :D Memory Maker (worth...
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    Trip Report Doing it Live One Last Time! It's Our "Let's Try Some New Things" Summer Adventure to Disney World

    Sounds good! We did resort hopping at 4 resorts and hit the 24 hrs party in May also. Definitely hit both water parks, especially Blizzard Beach. Let us know how it was!
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    Worst people to be in line next to?

    Oh, um, let's see... naked people, angry parents, big groups, very sweaty people, overly friendly or under friendly people... maybe just people in general. :confused:
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