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  • lol...he gave you his wrath! lol!

    I ended up being so flustered during the call then though...but I was like, I have to take it...it's about work. :lol: He didn't like that too much.

    But the rest of the time I just gave him trouble. General trouble indeed. :D
    I thought my "cousin" was kidding when he told me to "set the table". When he returned and found that I had not set the table (gasp!) I was quick as a bunny to do so shortly after! Loved it! :ROFLOL:
    Yes, this really is one of the best Disney forums around. We have some very knowledgeable people here. And our site isn't one to take rumors lightly. We're very stringent about the News posted. Steve (the owner) does an amazing job.

    And I've gotten in trouble at 50s Prime Time too. Some of it my own doing, some of it not. Example, the not...I got a call from my mom about work related stuff during my meal..."my cousin" was not too happy about the call and yelled at me. :lol:
    Hi friend!

    Yep -- that's me! Whohoo! I was at 50's Prime Time Cafe when this one was taken. I love that place and oh, I SOOO found out not to put my lipstick on at the table after dinner. Won't make that mistake again! LOL

    I just e-mailed you and Mike and asked what our "topic of the week" is. And thanks for introducing me to this cool website! Actually it is one of the best I have seen. So far it seems very professional in tone. I am still "sniffing it out", but so far it seems worlds above others.

    Catch you later, my friend! I am definitely sending the link to this website to other Disney-loving friends of mine. I am certain they will really like it as well. :)
    Hey Debbie!!!

    So that's you! Yay! I know what you look like now! I kinda pictured you looking like that...weird as that may sound. :D

    Anyway, can't wait to hear this week's topic too! Talk to you later!
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