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Mar 29, 2017
Dec 2, 2010
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January 3
Red Sox and Bruins Nation!!
Patient Service Rep for a home healthcare agency

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Well-Known Member, Female, from Red Sox and Bruins Nation!!

Counting down the days til my next Disney cruise! :) Jun 13, 2014

derelicte19 was last seen:
Mar 29, 2017
    1. derelicte19
      Counting down the days til my next Disney cruise! :)
    2. derelicte19
      Ready for my first Disneyland trip 4/26-5/1
    3. foreverbelle
      Totally random message here. But lets go Bruins...please!!!!!
      1. derelicte19 likes this.
      2. derelicte19
        They better beat the Rangers! Last nights game nearly gave me heart failure!
        May 14, 2013
    4. ShookieJones
      D - Jacksonville? You bailing on this awesome New England weather..??? How dare you!
      1. derelicte19
        haha, I know right? I just can't take another winter here!! I'm not a cold weather girl!! :-)
        Mar 26, 2013
    5. Kramerica
      Following me? I'm so honored! Haha
    6. mickeysbrother
      Will be there the same time as you and tinkgrl. Same hotel too. Sooo excited. will be my 44th trip to the world. Cant come soon enough
    7. ddbowdoin
      are you from MA?
      1. derelicte19
        Portland, ME.
        Jun 20, 2012
      2. ddbowdoin
        Awesome! I went to school in Brunswick... Bowdoin. Always nice to connect with a fellow new englander.
        Jun 20, 2012
      3. derelicte19
        Ahh, yes. Brunswick is not too far from me at all! I go up there from time to time to eat at Fat Boy Drive In. My uncle used to be stationed at the Navy base there til they closed it.
        Jun 20, 2012
    8. fractal
      I'm so glad you enjoyed Sanaa! I can't wait to go back. Looking forward to your TR.
    9. joanna71985
      Yay! That makes me happy
    10. LeCellier.Lover
      Hey I don't know how well you follow the Blackhawks but do you know Andrew Shaw?
    11. ddbowdoin
      Had come by and say hello... always great to see a fellow New Englander!
    12. PartOfYourWorld
      I know it would definitely be hard right? All the free time I would have not working I would want to spend there lol. Tampa isn't too far so you would still be close enough to go all the time haha :)
    13. PartOfYourWorld
      I know! finally updated it! haha..and now it will have to be updated again tomorrow....I have an interview with Walt Disney World for a part time job...but not really sure part time is worth it moving all the way down there, but I'm going to go and see what it's about and see if there is room for advancement (I have a Mechanical Engineering degree) and see if maybe I could get full time instead for benefits and such, so worth a shot to see...but it might not happen if I hear from a job up here that I just interviewed for last week that I really want so we'll see. Phew that was long sorry if I bored you lol.
      But I have to agree c25k is a little tough but you can do it!!! :D ...I'll be starting week 3 Monday idk if I'll make it lol
    14. PartOfYourWorld
      Definitely!! It'll also probably be nice to go at your own pace to take tons of pictures! It's nice to soak up all the details!
    15. PartOfYourWorld
      So excited to see you have put up when you're going for the ToT 10 miler!!! We haven't decided what day we are going in yet, but we are only planning on going for a long weekend, since we are planning a longer trip in November. Can't wait for that!!! Also excited to say that me and my boyfriend are planning a trip sometime before then!! Waiting to see how his work plans out then we will start planning!!! So excited to be going to WDW 3 times in one year!!! Definitely a first!!!!! :)
    16. blackthidot
      I reall really dislike Tim Thomas...He is awesome no doubt. Just don't like him. However I picked him on my fantasy team....Now I REALLY REALLY hate the guy!!!!! Hahaha

      How are you?
    17. WDW_Princess24
      I had an amazing time, thank you! I just uploaded all 525 of my pics last night so I hope to get started on the TR soon!
    18. derelicte19
      HAHAHA... Too funny! Yes, I enjoy being pregnant in my spare time yet I have no children... lol
    19. blackthidot
      I was reading your "About Me" and where it said interests no lie I thought it said "pregnants" instead of pageants. Hahaha
    20. wicker29
      POFQ is wonderful...having stayed off resort many times and at AKL this is by far the best
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    January 3
    Red Sox and Bruins Nation!!
    Patient Service Rep for a home healthcare agency
    Favorite Park:
    Magic Kingdom
    Favorite Attraction:
    Ride - Tower of Terror / Show - FOTLK
    Favorite Parade:
    Favorite Firework Show:
    Favorite Resort:
    Polynesian and Wilderness Lodge
    Favorite Restaurant:
    Last Visit to WDW:
    February 2014
    Favorite Character:
    Daisy Duck & Eeyore
    Favorite Disney Movie:
    The Lion King / Frozen
    Next Visit to WDW (Arriving):
    Next Visit to WDW (Departure):
    Next Visit to WDW - Location:
    Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter
    Number of WDW Trips:
    30 visits to WDW, 2 Disney Cruises and 1 trip to Disneyland :)
    Disney (of course!!) traveling, reading, photography.. Boston sports! (Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots)

    Recently discovered a newfound love for cruising! Sister of @TiggerLuv18 and daughter of @OhanaGirl30


    Girls Cruise Trip Report - In Progress

    Upcoming Trips
    November 7-17: 7 night Western on the Fantasy & 2 nights post cruise @ POFQ w/ MVMCP / September 12-19, 2015: WDW and 4 night Bahamian on the Dream / November 2015: Disneyland's 60th!