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  1. David S.

    Favorite Roller Coaster / Attraction in the United States

    From a pure thrills point of view, none of the approximately 350 coasters I've ridden, wood or steel, in about 68 parks can come even close to topping the Voyage at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. There is literally over 20 seconds of airtime on this ride, both in the front and back of...
  2. David S.

    New Drop Tower For Magic Kingdom!

    Of course I didn't provide a link - it was obvious from the title that it was just an April Fools joke! I figured anyone who clicked on it would already know that, so I wasn't actually trying to make anyone believe it was true. I intentionally made parts of it over-the-top parody. I was just...
  3. David S.

    New Drop Tower For Magic Kingdom!

    I just found this Press Release on another site: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lake Buena Vista, FL Walt Disney World made the surprise announcement today that construction would soon commence on a new drop-tower thrill ride, to be located in the Fantasyland section. "We felt like we could do...
  4. David S.

    Every park is an all day park.

    Good point. I guess the difference is, when I began going at a slower pace to "smell the roses" and discover the "little things" that weren't always officially considered "attractions", my desire was still there to hit the "attractions" for the umpteenth times! ;) (whether they were my...
  5. David S.

    Every park is an all day park.

    I think ultimately, it comes down to different strokes for different folks. I've been a seasonal local for the past several years, doing about 10-15 open-close full days in each of the 4 parks a year during that time, and I found that rather than getting tired of things I had already done, my...
  6. David S.

    Every park is an all day park.

    A one hour CD only last 1/2 hour if you skip half the tracks, but it is still a one hour CD! For me, all four parks are full day-plus parks because there are very few attractions I dislike enough to skip. And I'm an open to close, rope drop to last call type of parkgoer. AK is actually the...
  7. David S.

    PHOTOS - First look inside 'Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid'

    In my case, based on seeing the ride-through video several times, and my love of the the songs, characters, settings, story, and relatively high "cuteness quotient" of the ride, I already KNOW I'll like it more than those! ;) And I'm sure it will be the favorite dark ride of many diehard...
  8. David S.

    Why close Snow White?

    It will be a very, very sad night for me as well, as the current Snow White ride is one of my favorite attractions in all of WDW. I sincerely hope you and your son get to ride as much as possible and get a sense of closure before it closes; and I also hope you are able to get the very last...
  9. David S.

    Better time of year for WDW visit

    Completely agree! Given that choice, I'd take January by a mile! For me, January vs September means visiting in shorts and being comfortable (January), or visiting in shorts and feeling like I'm suffocating in the relentless heat and stifflingly sticky, muggy humidity and at risk of...
  10. David S.

    Snow White to Close Thursday, May 31

    I agree, and don't forget the Skyway! And although one could argue that the loss of Donald's Boat is being canceled out by the addition of Casey Jr (the water play area, unfortunately not the ride like at DL), MK did lose the Mickey's House and Minnie's House hyper-detailed walk-through...
  11. David S.

    Snow White to Close Thursday, May 31

    I know many here don't see it as a "major" attraction, but for me it is since it's in my WDW Top 10 and I actually prefer it over most of the "E-tickets". As others have said, I'm happy Disneyland will still have this ride, although theirs does not have the elaborate payoff of the MK version's...
  12. David S.

    Big changes coming to FASTPASS in March

    Excellent point. And I would also like to point out that even though I am on the "against the changes" side of the debate, that I never have, and never will, harass, yell at, or otherwise abuse a CM over a misunderstanding or policy I didn't like. I hope everyone out there understands that...
  13. David S.

    Kilimanjaro Safaris to replace 'Little Red' scene with new savannah space

    Yes, I really enjoyed the story too, and the anti-poaching message, and the happy ending of seeing cute Little Red rescued. On the other hand though, I do really miss the zebras, which have been off-safari for awhile, so on the bright side I'll be glad to have them back. From what I understand...
  14. David S.

    Big changes coming to FASTPASS in March

    If the rumors are true. But this is irrelevant to the fact that the discussion I was defending myself in was about whether the behavior of using them "late" was unethical BEFORE March 7 and before this news even broke. Deal with it! :wave:
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