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Recent content by Dagmar

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    Disney is closing 20% of its brick-and-mortar Disney Stores before the end of the year

    The shop parks app was amazing! They pushed the app upon us, only to take it away, re-direct to shop disney, with ultimately less park stuff than ever. This only benefits locals that sell stuff on ebay.
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    Disney cancelling shows -- a necessary move

    Spot on! I've been wondering often who their target audience has been lately? Dubai?
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    Yehaa Bob

    Exactly. It's one person that can perform any style anywhere. You think they would want to hold on to him to at least be a brand ambassador. I wonder if they'll take his Disney Legacy award back on his way out the door.
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    News Goodbye to The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra

    Well said! I'm sure covid will be used as the reason, but this has been going on for a very long time. Not just with dwindling live entertainment, you only have to look at the shrinking garden and topiary displays to know that if it was an extra special touch that didn't generate revenue, it was...
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    News Goodbye to The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra

    I agree with all that's been said... all the little extras being slowly taken away, trend of cost cutting, but how this one really hurts etc etc. My husband and I are both musicians, we always appreciate the live musicians throughout WDW and see our favorite groups every trip, pretty much like...
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    Grand Floridian or Polynesian Resort

    Poly. If you plan on using you car at all, Poly has the best, most convenient parking that I have seen at any resort. At GF, guest parking is a looong walk, across the street, to go to the lobby is not enroute, so you walk through the bus waiting area and then walk through an employee smoking...
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