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  • Thanks again for all your help. It's really weird, all the messages I posted here all gone? I wonder why that is...
    I was just thinking.... I should just get an annual pass... then i wouldn't have to worry about these stupid vouchers!! lol
    Hey just thought I'd say hi! IT really is nice of you to share that link with everyone! I'm getting anxious waiting though!... lol...
    Can't wait for the parade!!!
    Hey, Patrick. It has been a while, huh? Going OK here, I guess. You? Still blowing stuff up? :lol:
    Happy Sunday! Hope everything is going well with you! =] Keep in touch and don't let work consume your magical moments in life!

    Hope you are having a great weekend! Thanks for the TGIF message! :D Hope all is well with you!

    That's great that they spend 25,000 for a show when there is only 900 residents. A lot of towns canceled their shows this year across the country because of budget cuts.

    But thank God, it hasn't affected our company and our clients.

    Have a VERY MAGICAL weekend!
    This is like freakin' supermarket sweep week for you, I'm sure. Hope it goes well.
    Thank you!!! Hope you do the same! Just been crazy busy getting trucks and product ready for the 4th and preparing for my classes to start on Monday. And the months to come are already jam-packed with shows, but hey, I'm not complaining. It's work and money!!! :D Hope you have a very magical weekend!
    I see that you like the Halloween parade...I've never been to WDW at Halloween, is it worth making a special trip down for? Thanks! Have a great weekend =)
    Not bad. I'm sure you can make lotsa stuff asplode for $45K. :lol: Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.
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