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  • by the way does anyone know who may have one, britta doesn't make one anymore and the fla water stinks to high heaven and tastes just as bad.

    Hey, I didn't want this to get lost in that thread, but this is where I get filtered water bottles. They work wonders on FL water! http://www.purewater2go.com/ I've also seen them at Target, but I don't know how good they are.
    Don't let Agent86 bother you. He is baiting you and wants to fight/get you riled up. It's his little sadistic hobby.
    Hey there guys! Hope you had a safe trip home. It was so nice talking with you at the AC. It is always nice to see people that you read about in the forums. Thanks for the info about DVC, I am going to look into it. Hope to talk to you later. Shannon
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