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  • She never would ride Buzz. We ended up forcing her on lots of things and chose not to pick that battle with Buzz. :) It was definitely great to meet you--and yes, it's fine with me to post the pic.
    hey Coree-how did Anna do on Buzz? I'm really glad we could meet-it was fun! Is it alright if I post our pic on my trip report. If not, its totally okay, I just wanted to be sure! Thanks
    Thanks so much for working on the challenge this week! :) I'm so glad Steve let us start a scrapbooking forum, and now a group!
    Apparantly a lot of places! lol
    I feel like I have so many places to check, I'm running crazy! But it's nice to have friends like you to chat with!
    I guess when I click on view conversation, it shows me all the posts I've made on your page and the ones you made on mine.
    Well I didn't know you couild post on your own page. I guess you do learn something new every day!
    Hmmmm, I didn't even know I'd have a page. Look at me--learning what it's like to have friends. :D
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