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  1. CLandrum

    Looking for Just Married Buttons! Please Help!

    I found a wesite called Zazzle.com. You can make tons of products there but most importently you can make 3" buttons there. I saved the picture from http://www.yourwdwstore.net/Disney-Souvenir-Button--Cinderella-and-Prince-Charming--Just-Married_p_3864.html. I then went to the zazzle website and...
  2. CLandrum

    Be Our Guest Reservations?

    I was told that since they have over booked it that they aren't even putting the cancelled ADRs back into the system. So if they aren't there now chances are there won't be any in the future as well.
  3. CLandrum

    PhotoPass Anxiety

    We always purchase a calendar from our photopass pictures. It runs around $30 with shipping and we get aournd 30 photos printed. We also have the photopass people take pics with our camera as well.
  4. CLandrum

    Do we REALLY need bags checked?

    Maybe off property you can find one this cheap but on property- not happening :)
  5. CLandrum

    what can't you get at Disney?

    As far as chargers for anything goes people leave them at hotels all the time. If you go to the front desk if they have some unclaimed ones around they will let you borrow them. BTW- I am not sure about the animal thing but goodluck with that :)
  6. CLandrum

    Disney Dining and Availability

    We called and spoke with someone about BOG. Even if someone cancels that cancelation is not being put back into the reservation system. She believes this is because they are over booking it as it is. She said our best bet would be to just go for lunch :( This was for September. Also free dining...
  7. CLandrum

    Mission Space "Gravity Wheel" Not Rotating?

    I know it was a whine ago but it was rotating last September when we were there.
  8. CLandrum

    Anyone use the honeymoon registry?

    We have been using te Disney honeymoon registry. We got married April 19th and have recieved $500 on it so far. We put in a request to with drawl those funds so we can put a deposit down on our honeymoon which we are taking in September. It has worked really well for us and all our family. We...
  9. CLandrum

    Magical express questions

    We love it but when they say expect 3 hours for delivery of your luggage they mean it. Each time we have had to wait the full 3 hours. No biggy if you plan for it. Remember if your flight arrives after 10pm you have to get the luggage from the baggage claim anyway.
  10. CLandrum

    Free Dining 2013?

    My dad helps build the Dreamliner here in Wichita. They have actually increased production and everyone is on manditory overtime due to this. I can only imagine with this recent increase that the battery issue will be solved very soon and they will be flying again in no time.
  11. CLandrum

    Disney launch 'Limited Time Magic' for Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort in 2013

    Thank you Disvillain63. I found a little bit more info now that I have a name still not much but it looks promising.
  12. CLandrum

    Disney launch 'Limited Time Magic' for Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort in 2013

    Do you have a link to any info on this? I have done multiple searches and I cannot find anything. I would love to know more about it. The most I have found was this thread http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/sept-friday-13th-hollywood-studios-villians-night.861930/ I feel like such a nimrod...
  13. CLandrum

    September 2013 roll call!

    Congrats on the 25 years! We will be there Sept. 13th-22nd on our honeymoon.
  14. CLandrum

    Sept Friday 13th Hollywood Studios Villians Night

    I just posted something about this on the news and rumors thread. I was wondering if something was planned since touring plans had it opened until 1am but I could not find anything about it even when I did a search. Do you have a link to more information on this? We are arriving Friday at 630pm...
  15. CLandrum

    Coronado Springs

    Oh and welcome to the boards :)
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