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Recent content by citrus.swirl

  1. citrus.swirl

    New DAK Cast Member

    Hi! I just got hired too but I still haven't gotten the e-mails for onboarding/traditions... I was just wondering how long did you wait for your e-mails
  2. citrus.swirl

    Most Common Employment Questions - Hourly

    I haven't received my On Boarding email but I was offered a job at 5/29
  3. citrus.swirl

    DRC Post Interview/No emails yet?

    So this is just an update about my interview experience for the DRC. I was nervous and anxious about going in and pretty much reviewed what I needed to say. The interview didn’t really start right away but one of the cast members started a tour of the area and answered basic questions as well as...
  4. citrus.swirl

    Anyone recently applied for DRC - Orlando?

    I recently got the email for the "assessment" and passed! So, I have a phone interview for the 29th in the afternoon and I'm super happy and nervous at the same time! I've never worked in a call center and I barely worked retail sales but I'm willing to learn. I'm just asking what questions...
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