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Recent content by chriss.moyer

  1. chriss.moyer

    The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

    ^ Stop.
  2. chriss.moyer

    Rank the Classic-Style DL Dark Rides

    Uh.. Pooh fits perfectly in with it's location (land). Critter Country is a great place to have it. It literally feels like the Hundred Acre Woods with it being all outside. They are all critters very much like Splash Mountain's and the Country Bears. It simply just is in the back left corner of...
  3. chriss.moyer

    Typhoon Lagoon vs. Blizzard Beach (poll)

    Typhoon Lagoon is usually considered the better water park.
  4. chriss.moyer

    Visiting Tokyo Disneyland

    It really depends. TDS is definitely the far superior, more beautiful and themed park. TDL has more of the Disney feel and experience to it. They both are fantastic parks overall and are two of some of the best Disney parks in the world.
  5. chriss.moyer

    Tron Coaster

    Yes, Tron is faster. It goes up to 59-60 mph. While Hagrid’s is about 49-50 mph. Tron actually has the highest speed of any Disney coaster.
  6. chriss.moyer

    Favorite DCA ride

    Nah, The racing portion is so much fun. The theming surrounding it too is beautiful and elaborate.
  7. chriss.moyer

    Tron Coaster

    Hagrid’s is better, but Tron is still a good coaster. Hagrid’s is a better overall experience and ride.
  8. chriss.moyer

    Tron Coaster

    It’s fantastic.
  9. chriss.moyer

    News Primeval Whirl at Disney's Animal Kingdom experiencing extended downtime

    Raging Spirits is definitely smoother and nicer than the one in Paris. But even Indy in Paris, is still much, much better than Primeval Whirl. Raging Spirits is one of the best themed coasters in the world, actually. They put everything they had into a small footprint for the ride. It is...
  10. chriss.moyer

    Indiana Jones stunt show update?

    Yea, I used to think this too and honestly they are close. If it was in its 1995 version with every single defunct effect in it and working, combined with the superior maintenance and polish and the fireball effect, than it would easily be better. But right now currently, TDS’s version is...
  11. chriss.moyer

    Most Beautiful Disney-owned resort hotel in the world?

    Hotel MiraCosta for sure! Absolutely beautiful and literally inside of Tokyo DisneySea!! It’s also quite possibly the best Disney hotel in the world.
  12. chriss.moyer

    Disneyland vs. Magic Kingdom poll(only those who have been to both)

    MK doesn’t have a effing dragon under its castle. Automatic disqualification.
  13. chriss.moyer

    Disneyland vs. Magic Kingdom poll(only those who have been to both)

    Nah, it doesn’t even effect the park the way many thought it would. DL remains the king (in the US, at least).
  14. chriss.moyer

    Disneyland vs. Magic Kingdom poll(only those who have been to both)

    Oh, it really is better. Almost every attraction in Paris is even better than Disneyland’s versions, however Disneyland still has more rides than DLP and every other Disney park.... Which makes Disneyland so freaking amazing, it packs so many rides than all 3 of the WDW parks (Epcot, HS, AK)...
  15. chriss.moyer

    Disneyland vs. Magic Kingdom poll(only those who have been to both)

    It is more accurate because it was updated more recently, just a few days ago. That blog post was from months ago. It’s fine, though. Magic Kingdom certainly has some points but I have very rarely found one ranking of the parks where Magic Kingdom is in a higher spot than Disneyland. That’s...
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